What is the Best Tongue Scraper?

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In this post, you are going to learn the Best Tongue Scraper to use to clean your tongue.

Do you know that cleaning your tongue only takes a few seconds but you can FEEL a whole lot of difference to your oral health?

Cleaning your tongue is an important part of your oral habits because unknown to most of us, the tongue has tons of bacteria quite invisible to our naked eyes.

So if you have not started cleaning your tongue daily and want to know which tongue scraper to buy, this post is for you.

Let’s begin.


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Your Tongue and What They Tell You

Best tongue Scraper

Your tongue is a visual map of your organs in your body. That is why, if you visit a Chinese Physician, one of the diagnoses he will do is to ask you to stick out your tongue.

Since Ayurveda times, doctors have been relying on this knowledge to diagnose what possible health problems could be in a person’s body.

The tongue, together with other parts of your body like the ear and the foot, possesses a mind map diagram of how healthy our internal organs are.

Just by looking at the state of the tongue like its color and shape, experts are able to decode certain health problems related to your organs.

You know that prevention is better than cure, wouldn’t it be great to think that if you give your tongue a good massage, also known as a good scaping, you can promote internal healing.

Why You Need A Tongue Scraper

A tongue scraper is an instrument that you can use to effectively improve the cleanliness of your tongue.

Bacteria that accumulate on your tongue is called AMA.

Just twice daily is sufficient to add bonus points to your healthy oral routine.

Alternatively, you may use a spoon.

I have written a post on how to clean your tongue and the 3 best ways to clean your tongue.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tongue Scraper


Tongue Scrapers are usually made from Stainless Steel, Copper, or Plastic.

Stainless Steel tongue cleaners tend to be more durable and do not rust. They can be washed with tap water and dry out very fast. They tend to be more expensive and made of better quality. Depending on the stiffness, it may cut your tongue if you apply too much pressure.

For Copper tongue cleaners, they are softer and do not cut your tongue. But It may not be able to reach under the bumps of your tongue to remove the biofilm. Copper is antibacterial but you have to watch out for discoloration. Compared to stainless steel ones, copper tongue cleaners may leave a metallic taste in your tongue.

Some may come with travel pouches that you can store it separately from your toothbrush and toothpaste when you go traveling.

As for Plastic, it costs the least and you can easily find in supermarkets and even provision shops for less than a dollar. You may find it easy to replace every 3 months due to the low costs. However, plastic tongue scrappers tend to be softer and go out of shape easily.


Stainless tongue cleaners will cost the most, while plastic ones will be cheapest. Depending on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in a good quality one, there will be lots of choices to choose from.


Most people may not know those tongue cleaners have few basic shapes. They can be long and narrow, allowing users to reach more to the rear of the tongue. The area to the rear of the tongue is where the bulk of the bacteria reside. There are others that are short and wide for people with wider mouths.

Product Overview


OraWellness is started by a couple in the USA who are dental crusaders to promote healthy oral habits without breaking the bank.

The founder, Susan has suffered from periodontal disease in her younger days and was advised to remove all her teeth. This prompted her to find a natural solution through her Traditional Chinese Medicine roots, and a year later, she returned with a much-improved teeth condition to the surprise of her dentist.

Till today, the Company has developed multiple dental products that have solved dental problems of millions of customers who need not resort to seeing their dentists for poor oral health.


Many dental problems and traumas have been avoided and this can be seen from the inflow of testimonials the company receives daily.


What is the Best Tongue Scraper?



Place to Buy

Online at Orawellness Store.

This tongue scraper is ideal for anyone who has a tongue that needs to be cleaned.

Be it a young child, or male or female, it is suitable for all.

It was super easy for me and my children to use. Made of stainless steel with steel handles that are easy for us to grab hold, even when it is dripping wet. we are able to do the job properly.

It does not cut our tongue due to its smooth edges.

It is very easy to rinse under tap water and dries easily when we place it on our countertop.

Gentle pressure is sufficient to effectively deep clean under the pores of the tongue where the bacteria can hide under.

This product is different from another type of tongue cleaner which may come in round heads with little bristles attached under it, which you do a round motion of scrubbing vs a back to the front sliding action.

This tongue cleaner has handles that are stiff so that they do not bend out of shape with constant use. Even though it is stainless steel, it does not leave a metallic taste at all.

Here is a video on how to use this tongue scraper.

1. First, hold the tongue cleaner using both hands for better balance.

2. Stretch our your tongue as far out as you can. Run the tongue scrapper gently from back to front of the tongue using 3 to 4 strokes.

3. Rinse under running water.

4. If you find that you gag, then don’t run the tongue cleaner to the far back of the tongue. Start in the middle of your tongue.

It is advisable to clean your tongue first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth. Your body has done a detox, and by brushing your tongue, you are removing toxins from your body.

When you repeat the tongue cleaning at night, you leave your mouth a lower environment filled with bacteria, and your mouth can rest, while your body does the restoration work throughout the night.

Tip : If you have a problem with bad breath, use a drop of the OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend on your toothbrush or use it as a mouthwash.


There is a 100% product guarantee and for any reason, you are not satisfied, you can return the product with no question asked.

My Rating: 8.7 out of 10


1. Stainless steel, so it does not rust.

2. Pre-curved shape and easy to use.

3. Cheap

4. Durable


1. May cause bleeding of the tongue if your tongue is sensitive.

2. Take some time to get used to it if you are a first time user, maybe too stiff.


1. Can children use this Tongue Scrapper?

Why not? As long as anyone who has a tongue, he is and should be able to use the tongue scraper. If he is a child, he should be guided on how to bring the scrapper to his tongue. Otherwise, you can help clean for your child.

2. How often do I need to replace my tongue cleaner?

As with toothbrushes, tongue cleaners should be replaced aced every 3 months as they may become out of shape.

That being said, the OraWellness Tongue Scrapper is made of stainless steel, and definitely can last for a longer period of time.

Be sure that you should not be sharing the tongue cleaner between members of the family.

It is best to get each member their own tongue cleaner.

3. Can using a tongue scrapper reduce bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by the accumulation of bacteria from the food which interacts with saliva to produce acids.

The acids will react with the bacteria to produce a bad smell which is what we call bad breath.

Often tongue cleaning consistently will remove the layer of grime on top of the tongue’s surface and your breath will not stink. Depending on the intensity of your bad breath, you may need to repeat tongue cleaning often, like after eating.

However, caution needs to be exercised not to injure your tongue.


Many people who used this reported that their tongues feel clean and every day. Their tongues have lost the white coating and they are able to enjoy the taste of foods. Bad breath has also reduced.

Those who had gag reflexes while using plastic tongue scrappers find that they do not have this problem when they use the Orawellness Tongue Cleaner.

This tongue cleaner is suitable for all types of tongue conditions, including white tongue and a black tongue


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My Recommendation

Cleaning my tongue has become a crucial part of my oral health journey, besides brushing and flossing daily.

By having this product, I have benefited so much that I love using it day and night. My tongue feels so much cleaner every day and knowing that the bacteria don’t get past me at the end of the day, I can sleep well every night.

Let me know if you clean your tongue and which type of tongue scraper you use daily.

Orawellness Tongue Scraper






Overall Quality



  • Stainless steel, so it does not rust.
  • Pre-curved shape and easy to use
  • Durable


  • May cause bleeding of the tongue if your tongue is sensitive
  • Take some time to get used to it if you are a first time user, maybe too stiff.

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  1. Wow, thank you for your article. This information encourages me to clean my tongue more regularly and do it on a daily basis instead of once and a while. I use my toothbrush, and I read your recommendation of cleaning twice a day, so I’m encouraged to start today.

    It’s quite amazing to me that someone in the know can diagnose the condition of our body organs by evaluating our tongue. Whenever I go to my dentist for teeth cleaning, he checks out the top and bottom of my tongue to see if anything looks abnormal.

    I really like your site. You do a great job keeping me, the reader, involved in your posts by linking to some of your other posts to help me understand a topic better.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the good work.

    • Dear Joanie

      I am so happy that you like mummybongbong.com as it provides you lots of information on oral care. I want to share the knowledge that everyone can take charge of their own dental health and it is so easy to do so daily.

      Thank you and have a great day ahead!

  2. thanks for the detailed article on this very important oral health aspect that is so unknown to so many people. I liked the detail you give and the body map diagram helps one understand visually. My son has been using copper and complaining about the metalic taste afterwards. I was actually worried if there are any side effects to that but I guess you have covered that too that stainless steel is less likely to have that tinge. Thanks for a well-researched article.


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