What is the Best Floss For Teeth – And Why You Should Not Just Grab any random Floss in the supermarket!

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In this post, you are going to learn What is The Best Floss for Teeth, and why you should not randomly buy any floss in the Supermarket.

This review will include

What to look for in a floss?

Why you should not use Floss Pickers?

Review of OraWellness Floss – Eco-Dent Gentle Floss

So if you want to know all about floss and how to choose the best floss, you will love this review.

Let’s dive right in.


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What To Look For In A Floss

What is a dental floss? What is the Best Floss For Teeth?

Simply a piece of string-like tool used to clean plaque and food debris in between teeth.

Brushing alone can only remove so much of the plaque on your teeth’s surfaces, most sources say about 50%.

So if you are not flossing, which only a small percentage of people do, you are putting yourself in line for potential gum diseases like periodontal diseases in years to come.

Why take chances?

So that is why dentists all over the world will always ask you whether you floss.

So let’s get you along to understand the different types of floss available.

Floss has come in various sizes and shapes to attract consumers in a busy marketplace.

Off the cuff, you probably heard of things like waxed/unwaxed, nylon vs plastic, and flavoured/non-flavoured.

So here, I will uncover all the things you need to know in one post, and then make a recommendation of the Orawellness Floss – Eco-Dent Gentle Floss and why it fits all the checklist.

Types of floss

1. Waxed vs Unwaxed.

Waxed floss has a coating (usually teflon – like those used in non-stick pans) making it slightly thicker, and better for sliding between tightly spaced teeth.

For a beginner or for children, go for waxed floss for an easier learning curve.

Usually stronger, waxed floss has a smoother feel as it has the lubricating effect. What is the best Floss For Teeth?

Unwaxed floss makes a squeaky sound because there is little friction between the floss and the teeth.

So when you are almost done with one tooth, the little string makes a squeaky sound signifying your job is done.

This type of floss has no chemical so if you floss your teeth before eating. This may be good as there will be no flavours to interfere with your taste buds.

Also if you are pregnant, you might want to avoid anything with a chemical inside.

For those who wear braces, it is better to use unwaxed so that it does not shred easily.

Unwaxed floss is also unflavoured and thinner on the external thread.

Both options are resistant to shredding.

2. Thick vs Thin

If you notice you have large gaps in your teeth, you can choose thick floss.

They may be labelled as dental tapes, just because they are wider. They are more likely to shred.

Thinner floss may help you go between your teeth easier. However, if the floss is too thin, it can snap and even cut your gums and cause bleeding.

3. Flavours

Aren’t we so spoiled for choice?

For floss, you can even have choices like beeswax, mint, cinnamon and even exotic ones like lemongrass and candaman.

Did someone say bacon?

4. Length of Floss

Floss is measured in yards (almost similar to metres), there is no standard length as it varies from brand to brand.

So you can get as short as 25 yards, 30 yards and even up to 200 yards (lasting a year)!What is the Best Floss For Teeth?

5. Multi-filament vs Single filament

A multi-filament floss is made of silk or nylon(meaning cheaper) and is more common than polyester fibres.

A monofilament or single filament is made of rubber and plastic. It is more expensive but it glides more easily and does not tear.

6. Colours

Most floss comes in white but there are colours like red too.

If you are interested to know how to floss properly, I covered the steps how to floss in What is The Best Way to Floss?

Why You Should Not Use Floss Pickers

One method of flossing easily is using the floss pickers, which has grown in popularity.

It is a small piece of plastic shaped like a bow with a tiny short piece of floss. What is the Best Floss for Teeth?

However, it is not widely seen as a good cleaning floss and here is the reason why.

Being a short floss picker, it is meant for per-tooth flossing.

Though it may seem more hygienic, as in “floss and throw”, it is not very environmentally friendly.

Moreover, it does not benefit your flossing as you are not able to draw useful and helpful information that you can, using a traditional flossing system.

Using a floss picker may injure your gums as you snap in and out of your teeth.

However, if you are unable to use regular floss to reach the back teeth, you can fall back on these while you master the art of flossing your back teeth.

I know floss pickers is a favourite of my husband because he has no interest to learn the proper way of flossing!

Also, using flosser picks will create more bacteria transfer from one tooth to another if you are not careful.

How the Best Floss Was Chosen

If you want an in-depth analysis of the best 12 flosses in the market, go read this post on What is the Best Floss in the Market and Why?

The study compared 12 brands of floss using 4 factors

1. Cost per Use.

2. Benefit/risk of floss.

3. Environmental friendliness:

4. Quality of floss:

It will be an interesting read as to why the final verdict that the following OraWellness Floss – the Eco-Dent Gentle Floss is the best in the market.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting mummybongbong.com so that I can continue to provide you free and useful content every week. Thank you for your support. You are amazing! 

Product Overview

The OraWellness Eco-Dent Gentle FlossWhat is The Best Floss For teeth?

The OraWellness Eco-Dent Gentle Floss is a multi-filament nylon floss with 100% vegan wax, making it a comfortable and easy slide in-and-out between your teeth.

It does not break easily unlike other brands.

It has the perfect thickness as shared by a customer on the OraWellness website, among 91 reviews.

Flossing is no longer a chore as the string is long and hard, and easy to tie a knot.

Some people find tying a knot to floss is better than wiring the floss around their fingers.

This floss is thin yet strong and does not shred easily. It is durable and effective at cleaning out the bacteria.

The floss has great taste as it contains some essential oils to give you a great feeling of cleanliness and taste. It has a nice minty smell.

The best thing about this non-toxic floss is the thoughtful minimal packaging that comes with it, helping us save the planet with the plastic-free container.

For the detailed list of the ingredients in this floss, read here.


Will and Susan Revak founded this company.

Their products have been sold in 50 countries and helped thousands reverse their receding gums and prevent tooth decay.

They believed in healing naturally. That’s why their products are so popular among customers who always come back time after time to re-order their products.


$6.25 and this is way below what you will pay on Amazon for similar standard products!

For a 100 yards, you are getting it in eco-friendly cardboard. No more plastic!

Place to Buy

Here at OraWellness Website.


There is a full year of the money-back guarantee, so using this product is 100% risk-free.

My Rating

8 of 10


1. Value for money. If 100 yards = 3600 inches, if you use an average of 18inch peruse, this box can last you 200 uses!

If you floss once a day, you take 6 months to finish a pack. Cost-wise, it is $6.25 over 200 uses, a low of $0.03 peruse! (compared to Dr Tung’s $0.10)

Note: Dr Tung’s 30-yard floss goes for $5.80 in Amazon.

So for 1080 inches, which is good for 60 uses, lasts you 2 months if you floss once a day.

2. Slides easily and the texture is great.

3, Perfect thickness and comes in a non-plastic container.


1. For some, it occasionally breaks in their tightly spaced teeth.

2. The paper cardboard can get wet if you are not careful.

Bonus Tip For Using The OraWellness Eco-Dent Gentle Floss

1. Watch this video on how you can do “Conscious Flossing”

2. Use a drop of the OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend and run it along with the floss.

Then floss as usual. The added layer of tooth oil will dislodge the bacteria hiding between the teeth.

Testimonies at OraWellness Website

Most customers praised that this floss is better than store-bought brands and they would never buy off the shelves of supermarkets again.

Users liked how the floss seemed to be able to “grab” food and are satisfied with the quantity of the floss.

Frequent replacement is not necessary as it will take a long time to run out of floss, saving money in the long run.

Can you believe that a customer commented that her dentist had complimented her for “lack of plaque”, and that it does not hurt when the floss goes between her gums?

What Is the Best Floss for Teeth?


To some, it was no longer a chore, as this floss glides so easily between tight teeth!

It thoroughly cleans the hard-to-reach surfaces between the teeth much better than the store-bought commercial brand flosses that they have used over the years.

By putting the OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend on length of the floss, it has helped them reach and heal under those tender areas between some of their teeth.

Users have the safe assurance that there are no additional chemicals getting into their teeth!


1. What is the best order, brush or floss?

The best order is to

a. Brush. This helps in the first step to clean the majority of your teeth’s surfaces.

As toothbrushing is already an ingrained habit, just use it as the kick-start of your oral routine.

It’s easier to remember anyway!

Brushing removes the food debris and the plaque on the surfaces and if you do bass toothbrushing technique, some plaque along the gum line can be removed first too.

b. Clean the tongue.

This is the next step as your tongue harbours millions of germs.

The next best thing is to clean your tongue (I recommend using OraWellness Tongue Scraper) it so that we can leave the finer details to the next step, flossing!

c. Floss – This is recommended rather than the conventional way of floss then brush.


After doing the above 2 steps of brushing and cleaning your tongue, you can then settle down and do some serious flossing!

Here are some tutorials to help you out :

1. Why is flossing such a critically important oral hygiene habit?

2.How To Floss and NOT damage your gums

3. How to Avoid 4 flossing mistakes

d. Swish.

The last step you want to do is to swish and you can simply use a few drops of the OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend in your cup of water.

Hold the solution in your mouth and vigorously swish, you want the pushing action so as to bring the goodness of the oil throughout the gaps between teeth.

This is similar to the action of the ancient practice of Oil Pulling using coconut oil.

For a detailed article looking into the above order, you can read this post on What is the Best Order to brush and floss?

2. Should children floss?

Yes, they should. Before they can do it themselves, parents can help them out.

3. What happens if I experience bleeding when I first start to floss?

It is very normal if you have done the correct method of flossing, as this is the sign that there are plaque-causing slight inflammation.

4. Can I use your floss if I have very tightly spaced teeth?

Yes, the floss is thin enough and smooth to glide in between tightly spaced teeth, and even crooked teeth.

My Recommendation

If you are a new user to flossing, you will love this easy-to-use floss.

If you are a seasoned flosser and looking to change to more eco-friendly packaging, this floss is worth taking a look.

It lasts much longer and cost less per usage.

The OraWellness Eco-Dent Gentle Floss meets all the ticks in my checklist above

  • Nylon – waxed
  • Thin
  • Does not shred easily
  • MInted with essential oils

Let me know if you are currently using any floss and your experience with them.

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Eco-Dent Gentle Floss






Overall Quality



  • Value for money
  • Slides Easily
  • Minted with Essential Oils


  • Some users say it tears occasionally
  • Package made of cardboard gets wet easily

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