13 Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids (that will delight both boys and girls!)

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In this post, you are going to get 13 terrific Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids when they have dropped their precious baby tooth. 


You can use these ideas to wow your kids whenever they present you with their precious teeth.

The Tooth Fairy is a regular visitor to my house now and then, she comes more than once this year already.

She is here mostly for my elder boy who has dropped teeth faster than you can say “Pokemon”.

More often than not, he comes to me and says “Mum! Look! This tooth is shaking. Look!” and then I have to go fetch my precious container of his past teeth.

So if you have young children dropping their teeth on you, you will like this post.


At what age should you tell your child about the tooth fairy?

Tooth Fairy Ideas for kids


I would say as soon as your child is going to drop his tooth.

Having his first tooth pop up under the gums was sooooo exciting, and so is experiencing a drop in the tooth.

Likely it will be the first 2 lower teeth that came out, the first to drop too.

You can share a story with them, like someone training to be a tooth fairy.

Once you get them excited about the story of tooth fairies, the fun begins.

Hopefully, this does not translate for them to think that they need not brush and keep their teeth clean, just so that they want to gift their teeth sooner in exchange for lovely gifts!


What do you give a kid from the tooth fairy?

You can give a child a letter from the Tooth Fairy, a Certificate for Lost Tooth, a Tooth Fairy necklace and a Tooth Fairy pillow!

I have gotten help from the Official Tooth Fairy Mall included in this list too!

You will get the whole list from DIY items to store-bought items, all cute and sure to melt their little hearts.


Where does the Tooth Fairy keep her teeth?

There are many reasons why the tooth fairy collects teeth.

She may want to give to babies with no teeth so she recycles them and sprinkle into babies’ gums. She keeps them in nice tooth keepsake containers.


Or she wants to build a nice castle to live in. But she only wants nice teeth. Teeth that are decayed are heard to be thrown into some dark caves!

Tooth Fairy day happens twice in a  year, 28 Feb and 22 Aug which is also called National Tooth Fairy Day

It’s incidental to note that they are 6 months apart.

No wonder we are strongly encouraged to visit the dentist every 6 months.


Some Interesting Traditions of the Tooth Fairy 

Common places where children are told to place their lost tooth are

  • Under pillows
  • Beside bed
  • Others include throwing tooth onto the rooftops and wishing for straight permanent teeth to replace it.

The tooth fairy will then come in the night, accept the tooth, and leaves a reward, like a dollar or more.

There is even a calculator for a market price for a tooth that you can check it out here.

You will be lucky if it spits out a price of more than $1.

In South Africa, children put their teeth in slippers, for the magic mouse to come and replace them with a gift. There is even a book written about the different traditions of what people do when they dropped their teeth.

You can get a copy here.

Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids

Learn how different children of the world do with their teeth other than put under a pillow? Throw into the roof is one of them.

Selby B. Beeler spent years collecting traditions from every corner of the globe for this whimsical book, and illustrator G. Brian Karas adds to the fun, filling every page with humorous detail.

This title has been selected as a Common Core Text Exemplar (Grades 2-3, Informational Texts), so is a good book to add to your bookshelf.

Tooth Fairy ideas for kids


13 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids

1. Give them your foreign currencies – Dollars or coins it does not matter. 


A tooth fairy (daddy or mummy) that is well-traveled?

Use this chance to show your kids where are the places you have been to?

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids

Been to Korea? Let them have a piece of 5 WON.

How about Georgia? Then it will be LARI.

They can also learn different currencies of the world while they collect.

This absolutely cost you nothing if you have been a travel bug but will absolutely delight the little ones.


The Tooth Fairy makes her money with her magic wand, so don’t be surprised if

a little glitter shows up on the money she leaves you.

How about jazzing it with some magic dust? Either glitter glue or glitter hair spray will do the trick!

2. Useful Stationery

Some unique and cute stationery like erasers and pens will add color to their pencil boxes.

Tooth shaped erasers or fairy pencils will be sure to delight little boys and girls.

You can find these cute items in your local stationery shop or order from Amazon.


3. Make them a bookmark using their tooth. 

Use their tooth and paste into a bookmark. This has a pop-out 3D effect.

It will be a unique bookmark that no one will ever have.

So while they are reading and using the bookmark, they can be reminded to take good care of their teeth.


4. Make them a little fairy door that can allow the tooth fairy to come to visit at night.

This is quite popular. You can use your imagination and sketch and cut out a mini-door and paste at the base of their door.

If you are skillful, you can make it out of wood or cardboard.


5. Let your child choose. 

What does your child like? You can dictate that they can choose healthy snacks as a reward. Then add it to your cart when you shop online.

That is if you are still stuck at home due to the virus situation or you have a new-born and cannot leave the house.



Download the list to keep for future reference!



6. Like to make a DIY Tooth fairy box? 

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but you do have to gather materials beforehand.

This amazing mum has done it with the tags she has collected and made this lovely box.


7. How about adding some real photos to prove that the tooth fairy came? 

Use this app and soon you can have your kids in amazement of your photographic skills!


8. Dental gift.

How about secretly buying your kids their favourite toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss? It can encourage them to be more proactive in looking after their teeth!

Maybe an electric toothbrush is a good surprise gift.


Check out this post: Best Toothbrushes for Children 

Get for them a Starter Kit which consists of 5 items great for preventing tooth decay.

Best Toothpaste for Children 


9. Order a personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy herself.

 Have it all at the Official Tooth Fairy Mall.

You can customize the letter from tooth fairy at $9.99 and it comes with tooth fairy stickers for your child to decorate the letter.



See the different templates of Tooth Fairy Letters.


10. Tooth Certificate for Lost tooth

While you are writing the text for the Tooth Fairy Letter, why not add a Certificate for Lost Tooth?

Your tooth fairy will be matched be on the Letter and the Certificate.

Your child will be so proud to keep the letter and the certificate for a lost tooth, for years to come.

Tooth Fairy Ideas Kids


11. Tooth Fairy Necklace 

Have a princess that you want to impress? Then this Tooth Fairy Necklace will do the job well.

Necklace Description :


Includes 24″ nickel-plated steel rope chain, 1-1/2 inch glass vial filled with fairy dust and cork stopper.


What fairy-loving kid would want to get caught without her fairy dust necklace?


Now the kids can take their fairy dust with them wherever they go.


Let them sprinkle to their hearts’ content and wishes and dreams will come true. (Just don’t let them forget that the dust only works when combined with honest effort and hard work!)


Comes with a 24″ nickel-plated steel rope chain, tiny glass vial filled with fairy dust and cork stopper.


12. Tooth Fairy Pillow

If you are crafty with needles and some cloth, why not sew a little tooth fairy pillow.

Worse case, buy it off at stores, like Amazon, which are easily sold out!

Remember to leave a little hole by the side of the pillow for the tooth fairy to slip in the coin.

Also no worries, The Tooth Fairy Mall also has Tooth Fairy Pillows! Yeah!


Here, at the Official Tooth Fairy Mall (that shares the same address as Santasofficialnorthpolemail.com), you can personalize your Tooth Fairy Pillow and give a perfect surprise for your little ones!

There are 20 designs to choose from, and each is $24.95 and it is 6″x 8″ and made of poly cotton.

In the front, there is a 3″ X 3″ pocket for putting your child’s name and for putting their tooth and for you to exchange with money.

Designs include

  1. Pirate
  2. Poem
  3. Princess
  4. Puppy
  5. Racecar
  6. Reptiles
  7. Skateboard
  8. Smiling Tooth
  9. Soccer
  10. Sock Monkey
  11. Space
  12. Tooth Fairy Bag
  13. Tooth Fairy Belt
  14. Tooth Wing
  15. Tractor
  16. Train
  17. Truck
  18. Unicorn GlitterTooth Fairy Ideas for Kids
  19. Winter Fairy
  20. Zoo Babies

Choose your favorite design for the Tooth Fairy Pillow.


13. Buy these storybooks to inspire them!

Books are never out of style when it comes to gifts.

I know the fairy tooth fairy believed it too.

Check out my recommendations below.

For Age 0 – 3 The Tooth Book 

Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids


This is a board book by Dr Seuss, which is perfect for the little one with the first teeth!

Chew, chomp, and smile as your child learns all the wonderful things their tiny little teeth can do.

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids


Have a young reader who loves cat? He will be delighted to receive this Pete The Cat and the Lost Tooth.

New York Times bestselling author and artist James Dean brings readers along for a fun and surprising adventure with Pete the Cat!

In Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth, the tooth fairy asks Pete for some help.

But it’s not easy being the tooth fairy for Pete when a tooth goes missing–will he be able to find the lost tooth before it’s too late?

Beginning readers will love Pete’s adventure as the tooth fairy in this My First I Can Read story, complete with original illustrations from the creator of Pete the Cat, James Dean.

My First I Can Read books are perfect for shared reading with a child.

Fan of Scholastic book?

Then you will like this funny story of  Andrew’s Loose Tooth

Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids


Andrew bites into an apple and his loose tooth hurts. Everybody tries to help, including Daddy and the dentist, but it was of no use. The tooth fairy is called in, can she do the job?

If you like more ideas for tooth fairy books, you can check out my collection in my bookshop.




Summary of the Best Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids 

Tooth dropping can be a scary and painful experience for your young kiddos. So filling up their memories with magical and make-believe gifts will certainly bring back sweet memories when they are older.

Simple tooth fairy ideas and gifts are timeless.

The easy ones are bookmark making and certificate printing while some need some crafting and sewing skills.

No matter what, it will be what your kids will remember in years to come.


Download this list to get prepared for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival.



Learning about the Tooth Fairy can add more fun when sharing to your children the importance of taking care of their teeth.

Which tooth fairy idea did you like best? 

Let me know in the comments below.

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Tooth Fairy Ideas for kids


13 Tooth Fairy Ideas For Kids

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