Printables By Number Review – Should You Invest in This Course?

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Thinking of Investing in Printables by Number? 

If you are thinking of investing in Printables By Number Course (by Suzi Whitford), read my Printables By Number Review to decide if you should sign up for the course. 


Printables By Number Course Review

When did I sign up for Printables By Number?

I signed up for Printables by Number on 4 Jul 2020 because Suzi gave a 25% on 4 Jul Sale! If it wasn’t for the discount, I would still be sitting on the fence. 

My first encounter with Suzi was through her Youtube Video on how to create a Printable. At that time, I don’t even know what a Printable is, so i just watched her tutorial and joined her FB group.

That was when I went to her blog at and learned about her success. 

I even emailed to her to ask her opinion about my blog and I received an encouraging remark of how to grow my blog. She certainly is very encouraging and gave me the confidence to continue my niche.

Why did I sign up for Printables By Number?

At the time, I already have 40 posts on my blog but I have never thought to offer a opt-in, to collect email subscribers, as I just wanted to focus on producing content. 

But I found that, the more I learned about blogging, the more stuff pops up that tells me I need to do this, I need to do that. 

I need to create freebies, start collecting emails, send out emails to subscribers, set up Resource Library, do SEO, join affiliate programmes and write posts and so on.

So overwhelmed that I took all this info and wrote a big blog post on How to Start Blogging for beginners

I decided I will just focus on one and I choose to do Printables By Number, as I liked the idea of producing quality opt-in or freebies. 


What does Printables By Number Course include?

Printables By Numbers Review

If you still don’t know who is Suzi Whitford, let me introduce her here.

Suzi Whitford worked as an industrial engineer in Disney with her husband John. When she had her first baby she decided to stay home full time to take care of her girl.

She told the story of how she was not allowed to tend to her crying baby while she was on a teleconference and that gave her the determination to quit her job.

Kind of reminded me of the days when I have my first baby, I made up my mind to walk away from my MLM business. I missed my baby too much due to late nights out on business appointments. 

Her struggle of having to move to stay with John’s family because they wanted to save money, not seeing her husband because he worked long hours, and missing interaction with working life were driving forces that led to her starting her blog.

Granted that she had taught university students how to code and that she also had some blogs during her younger days. All these laid the foundation of that crucial blog knowledge that gave her so much credibility and authority.


The Printables by Number is delivered through the Teachable platform.

Once you pay for the course, you will be given immediate access to the Teachable platform where you can set up an account with your email and set a password. 

Printable By Numbers Course  Review

Below is the content and inside Teachable platform, you can click each video to begin the lesson. 


  • Why Create Printables 
  • How Printables Lead to High Price Products To Build Your Business 
  • 6 Huge Mistakes why your Printables Do not Convert 

My Comments: Suzi shared why printables fail when they do not contain information to help your readers solve their problems. And a printable needs to be pretty! 

Resources and Templates 

  • Powerpoint File and Templates 
  • Bonus: 100 Printable Ideas
  • Bonus: Resource Libary by Number 
  • Bonus: Premium Ebook Template (Pay $9) 

My Comments: The Resource Library teaches you how to set up a Resource Library and have it password-protected, and it’s worth $47. It’s a free video included inside. Not forgetting all the Powerpoint templates that she used in the videos, you can download and customize on your printables so that you need not start from scratch.  

Powerpoint (Microsoft) 

  • Benefits of Powerpoint 
  • How to set a default template 
  • How to import a fancy font into Powerpoint 
  • The magic tool inside Powerpoint called Smart Art 
  • How to save a Printable as a PDF
  • How to Make a Printable editable for free
  • How to make gorgeous presentations
  • How to easily create an infographic for shares and traffic
  • Powerpoint Printable Tutorials
  • How to create a weekly calendar
  • How to create a monthly calendar  
  • How to create a “‘year at a glance” printable 

My Comments: If you already have the licensed Microsoft Powerpoint installed in your computer, then you will be able to use the full features of the Powerpoint.  

Powerpoint Meal Planning Printable 

Powerpoint – Gardening planner 

Powerpoint – Budget planner

Powerpoint – Daily Reflections Bible planner

Powerpoint – Project planner 

NEW – Powerpoint – Nursery Art 

NEW – Powerpoint – Kids Activity Printables

My Comments: Here Suzi takes you through video by video how to create the various types of printables step by step from scratch and you watch her build each printable. She recommends to go through each tutorial and misses nothing out. Notice the “NEW”, I just bought the course in Jul and then she adds new videos and does not charge at all for additional content. So sweet!

How to Make Printables in Canva

How to make printable in Canva

Should you upgrade to Canva Pro?

How to combine templates in Canva

How to change the orientation from vertical to horizontal 

My Comments: Using Canva is great for me as a starter, and she shows how easy you can just use simple elements like boxes and lines to create great printables. 

Canva Printable Tutorials 

Canva – Meal planning printable 

Canva – Gardening planner 

Canva – Budget planner

Canva  – Daily Reflections Bible planner

Canva  – Project planner 

NEW –  Canva – Nursery Art 

NEW –  Canva – Kids Activity Printables

My comments: Again all Canva templates are available for downloads. 

How to grow your email list with Printables

How to deliver your printables through email 

How to sell your printables – the strategy 

  • Elements of High Converting Printables that sell
  • How to present your Printables so that they sell like hotcakes 
  • How to create a 3D lay flat overlay image (boost conversions) (Powerpoint) 
  • How to get traffic to your Sales or Landing Page 

How to sell your printables – the tech side

  • Demystifying the sales process – how everything works together 
  • Should you launch a sales funnel or an E-commerce website? What’s right for you?
  • Bonus – Set up an entire sales funnel inside Thrivecart (Premium Template Included)
  • Set up an advanced sales funnel for selling printables in Thrivecart
  • How to sell your Printables from your WordPress site beautifully using Thrivecart
  • How to track your revenue in Google Analytics (Thrivecart tutorial)
  • How to create an online store and sell your printables from your website step by step
  • How to Sell Printables on Teachable

My comments: This part is so crucial when you are ready to sell your printables. As I was not looking at selling yet, I just briefly went through to know the options available. 

Additional Lessons and Overviews 

  • NEW – Where can I get graphics to sell?
  • Full overview of Powerpoint, Canva and Google Slides
  • What makes a good freebie plus additional places to promote your freebie
  • How to make Printables with Powerpoint – Bonus lesson
  • How to create a colouring book 

Thank you 

  • The Printable membership 
  • Let me share your success with my audience 
  • Thank you and congratulations 

47 Videos!!! Over 9 hours of listening time. I took almost a month to go through, because in between, I have distractions here and there.  

If you can be focused, and just implement step by step, you will have great results. 


Pros of Printables by Numbers

  • Easy to follow tutorials, step by step. You can pause and go at your pace. If a certain video is too fast, you can slow down or pause. If some part is easy, you can speed up like 2x, and you will hear Suzi talking very fast, quite funny. 
  • No technical skills required. Even if there is something technical like setting up a shop selling your printables, you will be guided click by click. 
  • Free tools – Woocommerce, Thrivecart and Teachable.
  • Templates galore – fully downloadable, so that you can just customize to your heart’s content.


Cons of Printables by Number 

The lessons are fantastic but it can be overwhelming for a beginner. 

So don’t feel that you need to finish one module at a sitting.

Space out your learning and learn at your own pace. 

That being said, if you take it slow, so as to prevent burnout, or save your sanity, you may only likely finish the course AFTER a month. 

The request for refund is only valid for 30 days if you do not see any results. Oh well, even if you have passed the 30 days for asking a refund, you should keep going back to the course and relearn and unlearn. 

So this is really not a con at all. Meaning it will be absolutely worth the investment. 

Testimonials of Printables By Number 

Of course, as in any courses, there is no shortage of testimonials and rave reviews.

We are always cautious when a course has tons of testimonials all claiming success where it may sound too good to be true.

Sometimes other people’s success does not equal your own success.

Everyone’s path is different. Someone who has a blog for 3 years may still not be able to see any results vs someone who just started a blog in Apr 2020, and has already made her $400 and on the way to making $1000.

Being skeptical me, I will tend to try to investigate that the testimonials are real people.

In the testimonial pages, I may try to see if their website still exists.

Some of the testimonials did not come with a website link, so I was not able to get in touch with them. 

In Suzi’s FB group, 2 success stories of the Printable By Numbers stood out.

Jodie, who started her blog in Apr 2020, ( has already started selling her printables in Etsy and I was on her email list. She is already close to making her 100th sale, probably more than that, when this post is published. Another testimonial is Leslie, making close to $300 in sales of her colouring books.

These are real stories of mummies making great progress with this course, and that they have already covered their cost of the course many times over.

Should you invest in Printables by Number?

After the course, I applied to be an affiliate as I wanted to share with you if this course can help you in your blogging journey. If you join the course, you can also apply to become an affiliate (approved instantly) and share with others the course invitation. 

If you have started blogging for a while, and you really have a clear idea what kind of printables would help your target audience, this is definitely for you! All you need is some hand-holding showing you exactly how to design or execute that freebie idea.

Your ideas can be colouring sheets, activity planners for children, meal planning, recipes, finance planning templates, decluttering checklist, organization checklists, the list goes on. If these are what your blog is about, you have a very high chance of getting ahead with this course.

Suzi advocates 3 ways to use printables:

a. Use printables to grow your email list by giving as a opt-in.

b. Offer printables as a service to those other bloggers or businesses who are too busy to create their own printables. Much like a VA, a virtual assistant who offers services.

c. Sell printables as part of your business.

The best first step should be to use as a freebie to increase your subscribers so that you have a loyal group of audience who you can serve. Once they join your list and grow to like your free printables, that is when you can progress to the next step to sell your printables.

Maybe I’m a step by step person, I can’t really jump the gun. 

I feel that I have to master one thing at a time, and I am still at the beginning stage of a blogger.

So overall Yes, I think Printables by Number is a good course to grow your blog. It is not expensive (only $97) that you need to spend hundreds of dollars, not knowing you will ever earn it back.

Printables By Numbers Course Review

Go ahead, take the Printable By Number Course.

If your printables take off, congratulations!

If they don’t, it’s okay! Suzi’s freebie did not even take off till the 3rd one, so we are always experimenting and not be afraid to fail.

Summing Up

I hope you like my honest review of Printables by Number, and I hope to see your success in your blog.

However, if you like to try a Start Free Blog Plan Course, just to see if you like Suzi’s teaching style, take this Free course.

The Blog Plan gives you a clear outline and gives you good foundations for your blog before you take Printables By Number. 

Free Blog Course for Beginners

Let me know if you have benefitted from this review, or if you have already taken Printables By Number, how did it go for you? 

Printables By Number Course Review

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  1. Interesting, I used to make printables a teaching website years ago! I gave it up when I had my son and couldn’t focus on him and my full time job! I didn’t realize there were so many ways to make them now. I am still working to grow my blog at this point. But I will keep this in mind as I get ready to make some geared toward my blog content.


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