How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

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If you have been blogging for a while, you probably wonder how to set up a Resource Library on your Blog. 

You can set up a Resource Library on Your Blog Easily using WordPress Gutenberg or Elementor Page Builder. These 2 free tools can enable you to store all your creative freebies, opt-ins, printables so that your readers can assess on your blog grows.


What is a Resource Library?


A Free Resource Libary, or a digital Resource Library is where you house all your freebies, opt-ins, lead magnets, printables whatever you call them.

These are valuable resources for your readers and help them solve their problems (pain points) and make their lives easier.

So think cheatsheets, spreadsheets, product guides, tables, calendars, conversion charts, recipes, and so on.

Other resource library examples are homeschooling worksheets, blog weekly, monthly and yearly planners (I am coming out with one soon – look out for it!)

Look what fills up your Email Inbox that you are unwilling to delete.

Most of the Blogs Resource Libraries are free to access, meaning you need not pay any price, just only sign up for it.



A Freebie can be anything that is useful to your readers

Why Do I Need a Resource Library on my Blog? 

There are many reasons why a Resource Library is a useful asset to your blog.

1. You keep your readers on your blog longer and Google loves that.

People love to browse leisurely in a physical library, think about the time you spent in a library where you can borrow books for free.

You will spend time until you found the books to take out as loan.

On a digital library, if your readers love your content, they will come back and access and find out what new files or freebies you have.

Who doesn’t love free stuffs? And if you can keep giving them for free, wouldn’t they love to come back for more?

2. You build your Email List Faster.

How many times have you heard in your blogging journey that you need to build an Email List?

Does “The Money is In the List” mean anything to you?

An Email List is your blogging business’s customers list.

A retail store captures the emails of their customers and put them on VIP LIst.

These members get exclusive invites to sales and new launches and are always kept in the loop with their newsletters.

And they will BUY frequently because there was a relationship built over emails.

You can build your own email list from Day 1. In the early days of your blog, yes you should focus on your niche and blog posts and a thousand and one things.

But those visitors who came to your blog in the early days may never return and you have lost the chance to collect their emails.

For me, I started to be aware of the need to start my Emal List in my third month of blogging, but I was so inadequate and lost.

Until I came across these female bloggers  who share their experience and tips.

Success leaves clues.

I found direction in Suzi Whitford’s List Building Bundle.

After taking the course, I learnt that there is a flow to all this email list building and it starts with a freebie.

1. Design a nice printable as a Freebie so that your readers like, and give it to your reader in exchange for their email.

2. Select a Email Provider to send those Freebie and automation emails.

All this will take some learning time to wrap your head around, but don’t be discouraged.

So let’s just start with something relatively easier – Building a Resource Library was a Module covered in the List Building Bundle’s course

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

I built my Resource in 2 afternoons. So you can definitely do it.

I only have 4 freebies to start with.

You don’t have to have a ton of freebies to start building a resource library, some say at least 5.

3. A Resource Library Page is a good place to hold your content upgrades.

This also helps you to brand yourself.

One thing about having a Resource Library, it makes you want to work harder. It makes you want to add to it consistently.

So if you are ready to build a Resource Library, let’s get to it.


How To Create a Resource Libary In WordPress


I will show you 2 methods

A. Gutenberg Block Editor which is already installed with your WordPress

B. Elementor which is a FREE Plugin.


How To Create the Freebies

You can use a Free tool like Canva to create

a. the actual Freebie (download in PDF)

b. the cover image of the Freebie (download in a JPEG)

Other software to create Freebies include PicMoneky, Microsoft Power Point and Google Slides.


Where To Store Your Freebies

A. Google Drive.

Once you have uploaded your Freebie PDF to Google Drive, get the shareable link by clicking the +Share Button

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

B. WordPress Media Library.

Upload your Freebie PDF in your WordPress Media Libary.

Just log into your backend WordPress and on the left hand menu, you can see the Media Library.


Step 1

Go into WordPress, Pages and Add New.

Step 2

Give it a title – Resource Library

Click on + to create a block and add column

How To Set Up a Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

Step 3

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

Click on add a Image icon

Insert your Freebie Cover image URL from your Media Library.

Click on + and add a Button 

Rename as “Download”

Step 4

On another tab, open the Media Libary File and click on the Freebie’s PDF.

Copy the PDF’s URL.

Go and link under

a. Image link (so that your readers can click the image and download the PDF File)

b. Button’s link (So that they can download the PDF File)

Repeat for the 2 columns. Your library is done. You can either do 2 or 3 columns, totally up to you.


Elementor is a free plugin that helps you to build nice webpages.

If you have not installed Elementor, go to Plugin – Add new – Search for Elementor.

Install and activate it.

Step 1

In your WordPress, go to Pages and Add New.

Step 2

Name it Resource Library and Click “Build with Elementor”

Step 3

Drag a header icon across to the right screen and and Give a Welcome message.

How To Set Up A Resource Library on Your Blog Easily

Step 4

Choose the “Add Widget and Create 3 Columns”

Click “Add Widget” and Drag the Image Icon from the left hand menu.

Drag a “Button” icon from the left hand menu.

Insert the Freebie Cover Image from your Media Library.

How To Set Up a Resource Library on your Blog Easily

Step 5

On a separate tab, open up the Media Library and click on the Freebie PDF.

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

Grab the PDF’s URL and place in the Image link and the Button’s link.

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

Repeat for the other 2 columns.

You can simply duplicate the 3-columns format downwards by clicking on the centre and click “duplicate”.

Other plugins that can be used are Column Shortcode (Free) and Essential Grid (Paid).

Now can you see it is easy and simple to build a WordPress Resource Library?

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

How To Send My Freebies To My Subscribers

There are more than 10 Email Service Providers like Aweber, GetResponse but the most popular and easiest to use are MailerLite and Converterkit.


a. MailerLite – It is absolutely free for the first 1000 subscribers.

Click here to sign up and get $20 Credit for future upgrades. Once you get to 1000 subscribers, its $10 per month.

MailerLite helps make all the menu options super easy to understand. You can easily create landing pages and automation (not available in Converterkit).

Test MailerLite for FREE.

I have personally created my Email Opt-ins of my Freebies using MailerLite and it is so simple to navigate.

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

b. ConvertKit.

ConvertKit has received very good ravings as well.

The Free Plan includes unlimited landing pages and forms. They also help you to tag and segment your list.

If you are new, try the MailerLite and once your email list grows, you can then switch over to ConvertKit. It is very doable.

It’s free to join and you can test out these 2 Email Services.

Test Convertkit for ConvertKit for FREE.

Are you worried about all the technicalities of setting up a email sequence and growing your list?

This is the useful course that has helped me step-by-step in how to use either MailerLite or ConvertKit.


How Do I Create a Password Protected Resource Library in WordPress?

It is very simple.

Most Posts are made automatically visible to the public when published.

So to make it password is as simple as flipping a switch.

Log into the page and on the right side, you can see under “Publish”.

How To Set Up a Resource Library On your Blog Easily

Set the “Visibility” to “Password Protected” and input a password that you will send separately to your readers. 

Alternatively, you can do it under “Quick Edit” where you see the whole list of posts in your WordPress Office.

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily

What if You Publish The Resource Page But It Does Not Appear on Your Blog?

That is because it is published as a page, it does not automatically show up like what a blog post does.

So one last step is to add it to your menu.

Go to Appearances, Menu and click on the Resource Library page and Add to Menu.

Wola, it will show up on your header bar.

How To Set Up A Resource Library On Your Blog Easily.

Congratulations! Your Resource Library is up!

One task down.



I hope that was easy for you to follow and absorb.

Now go and build your Resource Library on your blog easily. Please come and leave comments if you face any difficulties and I will help you out!

You have learnt about these for free!

a. Creating a freebie and its cover image in Canva and save as PDF.

b. Creating A Resource Library using Gutenberg Blocks or Elementor.

c. Choosing a Free Mail Subscriber service to grow your Email List.

d. Password Protecting your Resource Library for your lovely readers.

And I want to give you some more free stuff!

Get Free Trial of Tailwind that EVERY BLOGGER is talking about.

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Thanks a million!

PS: If you still feel stuck in the creation of freebies, fret not.

I super love this course that has given me so much inspiration and encouragement to turn my not-so-pretty printables to WOW printables once I practice more of it!

How to Create A Resource Library For Your Blog

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