How To Make Brushing FUN for Kids – 9 Easy Ways that work!

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In today’s post, I will be sharing with you How To Make Brushing Fun for Kids! (PLUS FREE Colouring Bookmarks For Your Kids)

Let’s face it.

Are you a super busy mom struggling with the housework, cooking meals after meals plus looking after the kids?

Getting them to brush teeth for bed should be the last task for the night, and hopefully, after they go to bed, you can have some ME time.

What if your children kick up a fuss when told to “go and brush your teeth”?

It seems that “brush your teeth” can trigger off some sort of alarm that can lead to

  • melt-down drama
  • or a “eat my toothbrush” while they are at it.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

I am going to give you 9 ideas to make toothbrushing fun for kids.

This post will include

Why is it Important to clean your children’s teeth?

Why Children Are Resistant to Brushing their Teeth?

Tools Needed for Success Toothbrushing!

How To Brush a Young Child’s Teeth

9 Ideas to Make Brushing Fun (Plus a FREE Printable!)

So if you are thinking about how to make toothbrushing fun for your children, you will love this post.

Let’s dive right in.

Why is it Important to clean your children’s teeth?

Babies are born with all their teeth below their gums waiting to emerge when they are about 6 months old.

The first teeth are normally always the lower front teeth (Remember your first burst of joys when your baby’s teeth first appear?)

During 6 months of age, babies get their first teeth in the front, one by one, the rest of their teeth will follow until their second molar by age 3.

How To Make Brushing Fun for Kids

The time frame that these baby teeth start to drop will be from 6 years to about 12 years old.

What this means is that there are a few good years from the time the first teeth “erupt” to the time that it is expected to shed (fall out)

I had the same experience with my younger son. I only took him to see a government dentist at about 4 years old. The dental hygienist told me had a slight decay but fortunately it was reversible.

A ban of sweets and step-up brushing got things under control until he reached 7 years old.

Then in his primary school years, he has a regular check-up at the school dentist.

I almost got him on the wrong start to healthy teeth because of my negligence and ignorance.

So don’t make my same mistake.

From the moment your baby has his first teeth, your job as his first “teeth cleaner” began.


Taking good care of Babies’ teeth lay the foundation for the best condition for adult teeth when they eventually erupt. They are the space holders for the adult teeth.

Healthy gums from the beginning will help to angle adult teeth properly and straight ( no crooked or misaligned teeth). They will help to shape your child’s face as more teeth come out of the gum line.

Improper growth of teeth will lead to future problems like “bugs bunny teeth” and “vampire teeth”, and you may need to consider braces as a future cost.

Why Children Are Resistant to Brushing their Teeth?

As much as we parent think brushing teeth is such a natural thing to do, but to your kids, it is a totally new experience.

Remember, when you first learnt how to floss, did you fumble?

How To Make Brushing Fun for Kids

How did you feel when you had to angle the floss awkwardly into such a small space? Clumsy right?

And no matter how easy the dentist show you, or you watched numerous YouTube videos, you still can’t get it?

So it is the same from the eyes of your little ones.

Be patient, take it as a game. And life will be much more bearable.

Manipulating a toothbrush into their small mouth can cause fear so they rather not do it.

Other Reasons For Resisting

  • Going to brush teeth, means they cannot play their toys anymore, and they have to head straight to bed after brushing their teeth.
  • Brushing to them, is an “adult work”, too hard on them.
  • They have to have some foreign object and paste in their mouth when it is wet, it is uncomfortable.
  • They may have a gag reflex and swallowed some toothpaste, so a bad experience will be associated with a toothbrush.

Tools Needed for Successful Toothbrushing!

Now that you are ready to embark on teeth brushing for your little ones, let’s gather the tools and let the fun begin (for them)

1. A soft bristles toothbrush

2. Low fluoride toothpaste.

3. Tongue Cleaner (optional)

How To Brush a Young Child’s Teeth

1. Sit your child on your lap facing you.

2. Ask him to open his mouth so that you can brush for him.

3. Put a small pea size of toothpaste (if between 3 to 6 years old).

4. Start from the back teeth, use gentle round scrubs on each surface of the teeth. Do to all 4 corners of back teeth.

5. Move to his front teeth, by lifting up his lips so that you can see the gums, and brush gently 10 times.

6. Ask him to take a rinse of water and spit out the toothpaste.

7. You can then use the brush and ask him to stick out his tongue so that you can clean his tongue.

For an older child, stand behind and face the mirror, so that he can see you brushing for him.

Here are the 9 Easy Ways to Make Toothbrushing Fun for Your Kids

Before Brushing

1. Bring them to the supermarket to choose their toothbrush and toothpaste.


You can also search online for the cutest toothbrush for children and toothpaste for children.

Letting them choose their design will give them greater motivation.

Stick to a manual toothbrush first and choose a toothpaste with flavours like bubble gum and strawberry. How To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Design of toothpaste also helps.

I know my kids still choose toothpaste with superheroes and Hello Kitty!

Every 3 months when you need to replace their toothbrush, let them choose.

2. Show and Brush

The best time is to do this show is to talk about it as early as possible.

As soon as they have their first teeth.

You are the role model.

Talk about it that mummy is going to brush her teeth.

Show them the whole works of putting toothpaste on the toothbrush, the complete brushing on the Uppers and Lowers.

The Internals and the Externals.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue and floss.

After all the show put on the whitest big smile and be HAPPY!

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They will feel your enthusiasm and that is contagious.

3. Give them Time and Let Them Practise on Others.

This could their favourite teddies or doggies.

Tell them a story that it is time for teddy or doggies to go to bed.

But before that, please help their little friends to brush their teeth.

Sometimes just having the favourite toy by their sides, can help them calm their nerves.

They can even practice brushing for you. They would be so honoured and proud.


4. Tell them story about the bad stuff that will harm the teeth.

You can use words like “bugs” in the teeth are naughty and they have to brush them away.

Once they buy into the story, then they will be more willing to make toothbrushing a habit.

Bookstores are full of books on teeth fairies and characters that set out to fight the teeth bad bugs.

Have them handy for telling them the stories at bedtime as a reward too.

Things To Do While Brushing

5. When it is time to do the brushing, be calm and do not rush.

Ensure that you and your child’s mood are cheery and not grouchy. This will set up for success.

Use a timer so that you will know the full duration of the teeth brushing. Most kids don’t know how long is 2 minutes, it may seem like a lifetime.

So you can play their favourite nursery rhyme on the mobile while they let you brush for them.

Make it fun and goofy. How To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Enjoy, dance, sing while brushing.

6. Patiently Teach Proper Brushing Technique

Do not expect them to get it the first time.

My kids sometimes still hold the toothbrush and put in his mouth like a lollipop.

So it is okay that they do not handle the toothbrush as well as they should.

Kids between the ages of two and 11, about 42 percent have teeth decay.

With proper routine, that can be avoided for your kids.

That is why it is very important to teach them the right techniques.

At their age, they most probably can do up-and-down motions, so they need to practice with a small toothbrush.

For children under 3 years old, squeeze a rice size toothpaste. Choose a fluoride toothpaste that can help young brushes who are just starting out. Little ones are more likely to swallow toothpaste when they’re learning how to brush, and training toothpaste is safer to swallow because it’s fluoride-free.

7. Look into the mirror.

Both of you face the mirror, while you brush for him.

He can learn how you brush for him, and he can see you in the mirror.

That is more fun than and entertaining.

When They Have Brushed Their Teeth – Yeah!

8. Do a Happy dance if they have obediently let you brush their teeth. How To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

That is a great achievement!

9. Reward them.

It does not have to involve buying things.

Give them praises and stickers.

I have a printable chart that I can print out, and then each time they brush, they get to place a sticker.

Once the stickers are completed for a week, they get a special treat.

It can be a walk in the park or an extra 10 minutes of playing before bedtime. Whatever works in your situation.

Want a FREE Toothbrushing Chart that will make it FUN for your kids to brush their teeth?



Bring them to a friendly and humorous dentist.

A dentist that is kid-friendly will help to make a dental visit more interesting than a scary experience.

Some dentist offices for kids are so equipped with mini play tables full of toys and storybooks. When they lay on the dentist’s chair, they are watching cartoons!

That was how my elder boy went through an injection on his gums to pull out a premolar. You can see his teeth here.

They may even look forward to the dentist because they know they can watch nice cartoons.

BONUS: One more tip to make brushing Fun is to DO IT FOR THEM!

I am a servant mom!

Every night, I will brush for my kids who are now 10 and 12!

This will ensure they go to bed with clean teeth and gums.

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These are the 9 easy ways to get your child excited by making a simple routine of toothbrushing fun.

Use a couple of these tricks and methods to get your little ones to cooperate.

Having and keeping healthy gums from the on start is so much easier and less heartache than seeing decays looming.

Don’t stress out though, if, despite these methods, he just won’t budge. Relax a little.

Keep using a few tricks and soon they can have fun with their toothbrushing journey.

What are your favorite ways to encourage your kids to brush?

Let me know in the comments below.

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