Happy Halloween Coloring Pages(that Kids will adore!)

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We have reached October and soon Halloween will soon be upon us. What Halloween plans have you made? 

If you are not going Treats or Tricks due to social distancing, you can still have a great time at home with your kids.

Here I have 10 Happy Halloween Coloring Printable Pages for you to enjoy coloring with your kids.



Happy Halloween Coloring Set (PDF) 

There are 10 cute pictures in this Happy Halloween Coloring Set. 

They are 

Owl cartoon

Mummy and Owl 

Pumpkin and spider

Pumpkin and Spider 

Witch and mask for Halloween

Witch and Mask

Bat and Clown

Bat and Clown 

Monster and Cat for Halloween

Monster and Cat 


Take a peep here in this Halloween Coloring pages video:


I have omitted Dracula, Vampire, Ghost and Zombie because they can be quite frightening and scary for young kids. I just want to give you some fun and a little positivity and not having to think about negative and scary thoughts.

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Fun Activities and Questions to ask them when they are coloring

Match Word-to-Picture 

1. There is a match word-to-picture activity sheet in the Happy Halloween Coloring Set. Just cut the names and have your child match the word to the 10 pictures. You can have a competition as to who finish the matching in the shortest time.

Halloween word match


Ask Questions 

2. You can play this simple game by asking these questions. 

Question : Which of these have no teeth?


  • mummy 
  • owl
  • pumpkin
  • spider
  • witch
  • mask (That is why he wears the mask, because he has no teeth!). 

Question: How many teeth does a cat have?

Answer: Just like a human who has 2 sets of teeth, cats do too. For children, they will have a primary set of teeth of 20, and by an adult, 32 teeth

Kittens have 26 deciduous teeth, also known as primary, baby, or milk teeth. As adult cats, they will have 30 permanent teeth.

Fun facts about cats‘ teeth 

1. Cats can develop periodontal diseases like human beings too.

2. If a cat chews on something hard, their teeth may break, and they might have to do root canal treatment like humans too. 

Halloween cat


  Human Cat
When Born No Teeth No Teeth
First teeth 5 months 2 to 6 weeks
Order of Appearance Incisor, Canine and Premolars Incisor, Canine and Premolars
Baby Teeth 20 26
Age Start to shred 6 years 11 weeks
Permanent teeth 32 30
Comparing Human and Cat Teeth

How many teeth does a bat have?

One of the frequent character of Halloween is the bat. 

So you can share fun facts about bats here, for example, bats are mammals like human beings. 

They have belly buttons, can fly and catch prey using echolocation. 

Vampire Bats have only 20 teeth while other small insect-eating bats can have as many as 38 teeth. 

Bats that feed on hard-shelled insects have fewer but larger teeth with longer canines and more robust lower jaws than species that prey on softer bodied insects.

Children can be fascinated by bats as these creatures eat pests off crops and they fly in swarms. 

During a family trip in Cambodia, we visited the bat caves and in the evening, the millions of bats exit the caves to hunt in packs.

The whole sky was fillied with black masses and that was an awesome sight to behold. 

Halloween Bats


Share A Story About Witches 

Next we have the witch. You can share a lovely story from the famous author Roald Dahl – “The Witches” (A favourite book in our house too!) 

Roald Dahl The Witches

Excerpts from this funny book about how to spot a witch

  • They always wear gloves 
  •  They are bald so they will wear wigs
  • They have large nose holes
  • Their eyes change colour
  • They have no toes (eek!)
Roald Dahl The Witches


Summing Up Happy Halloween Coloring Pages 

Halloween can be happy without the creepy and scary monsters and vampires!

Indulge your kids in happy fun and non-scary coloring that will build memories for time to come.

That they may look back and remember this special moment of bonding and learning with mummy.

I hope that you will enjoy these coloring pages and I am most honoured to have a part in your happy moments with your kids. 

Remember to download your FREE copy of the Happy Halloween Coloring Pages in PDF and share with your friends. 


Happy Halloween! 

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Happy Halloween Coloring Pages 



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