How To Get On Google Featured Snippets – (13 Things to do to Get Your Blog Post to Page 1 and Featured in Position 0)

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I was over the moon when one of my review posts was featured in Google Featured Snippet, so I wonder to myself how did I get on that Google Featured Snippet. So I did some digging and I’m here to share with you.

In this post, I share how to Get On Google Featured Snippets. 

  • What is A Google Featured Snippet
  • Benefits of Getting On Google Featured Snippets
  • Types of Google Featured Snippets
  • How to Get On Google Featured Snippets – 13 Easy tips that you can immediately implement today to your blog posts, for a chance to get to Page 1 and then on Google Featured Snippet

So if you are a new blogger and want to get your post onto Page 1 and then to Google Featured Snippet, this is for you.

Let’s dive in.

How to get on Google Featured Sniippets

What is A Google Featured Snippet

A Google Featured Snippet is a piece of text that Google pulls from a website to answer a Search Query. It is framed in a box and appears at the very top of Page 1. If Ads are present, Featured Snippets will go below Ads and above position #1. That is why Featured Snippets are also known as “Position Zero”.

Google Featured Snippets

This was my post on Featured Snippet in some days of Jul 2020, some called it the coveted position!

You can read the full post on Review of Bass Toothbrush 

An extract of the paragraph is shown below.

Google pulled the first 2 sentences out from my paragraph.

They have also extracted my Feature Image which is at the cover of my post.

Google Featured Snippets


It is like a school teacher reading aloud excerpts of my essay as a model answer for everyone in class!


Benefits of Getting On Google Featured Snippet

How TO Get Google Featured Snippets

What is good for readers?

Google will choose the best appropriate answers and present them in these Featured Snippet boxes making it convenient for readers to consume the information.

They can just glance at the results quickly and most will find it easy to read.

What is good for you as a blogger?

Ahrefs did a study on how much traffic can a Google featured Snippet gain in Click-through-ratio (CTR), about 8.6% go to posts ranking in Google Featured Snippet.

You have a chance to outrank the bigger dominant players even when you are still building your authority.

So it is definitely worth a shot to get there!

By being featured in a Featured Snippet box, you will be showcased and hopefully, your audience will trust and buy from your blog.

Traffic that otherwise be flowing to the big players, some will go to your blog.

Isn’t that great?

And you don’t even have to be ranked on as No.1!

Types of Google Featured Snippets

How To Get Google Featured Snippets

1. Definition Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets

A Definition Featured Snippet is a 40-60 words paragraph that answers “What is” type of questions.

Like for example, I wanted to know “What is Google Featured Snippet” and Google shows me a paragraph featured snippet from It has 51 words and the post is written in 2017, which also means the page is almost 3 years old!

And I went to the blog post and I read, and Google actually did a highlighted marked text for me, so sweet!

How To Get Google Feature Snippet


The age of the website plays a part in ranking because Google takes about 6 months to trust a website and start showing the website in ranking results.

2. Paragraph Featured Snippets


Paragraph featured snippets are the most common and account for 65% of Google Featured Snippets.

They pull paragraphs of wordings not exceeding 60 words.

Common picked-up words that Google select include How, Who. Why and What.

So if you are writing these types of posts, you can be selected by Google for paragraph snippets.

Google Featured Snippets

I asked Google “how can I earn with media net” and a good snippet example came up. even has a Question and Answer Format (FAQ) that Googe highlighted for me the answers that I need when I opened the post to read, saving me so much time!

How To Get Google Featured Snippet

So using FAQ in your post in a GOOD idea!


3. List/Numbered and Bulleted Featured Snippets

List/Numbered Featured Snippets use numbered list to present the steps required and are usually process-based, like how to set up a blog, how to bake a cake and how to change a car tyre.

Google Featured Snippets

I asked Google “How to Start a Blog”, and the was shown in the Featured Snippet as a Listed point.

This was about after 18 paragraphs of the blog post. So you can write your post and in the middle, include this numbered list.

How To Get Google Featured Snippet

Another example is by using bullet points, which is unnumbered.

Google Featured Snippets

For example, I googled “tooth fairy ideas for kids”, and this post came in the featured snippet.

On reading the posts, the 13 tooth fairy ideas are in H2 headings, and Google just pull from the post the 13 tooth fairy ideas in a bullet list (un-numbered)

How To Get Google Featured Snippet


4. Table Featured Snippets

The fourth type of featured snippet has to do with the factual type of queries like time, currency and weather.

Google Featured Snippets

I asked Google to convert “EST to UAE time” and Google showed it in a table, so I learnt that I have to add 8 hours to EST (Eastern Time) to get UAE time.


5. Video/Images Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets

If Google thinks that having videos are better in answering queries, they can show up as video featured snippets.

So for example, like how to fold a paper aeroplane, how to bathe a dog and how to cook pasta.

However, the most popular ones are paragraphs and lists.

So you can mainly focus your content on writing paragraphs and using a list.

How To Get Google Featured Snippets

How Do Featured Snippets Work

Featured snippets come from web search listings. Google’s automated systems determine whether a page would make a good featured snippet to highlight for a specific search request.

Sometimes, you can click “Feedback” and Google can track whether the placement was ideal, as in do people click through?

Google says “Your feedback helps us improve our search algorithms and the quality of your search results”.

How many Search Queries have Featured Snippets?

Do you want to know what is the chance of a search query resulting in the appearace of a Google Featured Snippet?

It may seem that every other search that you perform in Google, Google will be bound to throw up a Featured Snippet on page 1.

Guess the number.

50%, 60% or even 80%. Not so much.

It is only 12%. Which means 88% of the time, there will not be any Google Featured Snippets showing up on Page 1.

Which means for every 100 searches, 12 will end up having a Google Featured Snippet.

That is still a good reason why you should give it a shot at landing into Google Featured Snippet.


Which words trigger Featured Snippet

From the same study above, the most popular words that trigger Featured Snippets include

  • recipe(2.3%) – food bloggers, anyone?
  • best (2.3%)
  • vs (1.4%)
  • review (0,6%), so perhaps that was the reason why my review post went into Featured Snippet.

How To Get Google Featured Snippets

Google Featured Snippets

So these are the 15 things you can do to get into Google Featured Snippets.

And it is not hard.

1. Decide Which Type of Featured Snippets to aim for, is it a Paragraph, List or Table?

Google Featured Snippets

Then frame your answers is to answer questions that have these words. The easiest way is to remember the common ones that trigger featured snippets, that you can already work naturally into your next blog post.

  • Who (paragraph type)
  • What (paragraph type)
  • Where
  • When (paragraph type)
  • Why
  • How (divided between list and paragraph types)
  • Which

Source :


2. Place Your Answer To The Search Query In an H2 Tag

Then Google will extract all your H2 to serve the answers in the Featured Snippets.

Make Google’s job easy by giving a short summary at the beginning of your post.

Make it 40-60 words.


3. Need To Get To Page 1 using On-Page SEO

Before you can get to be chosen by Google, your posts need to be on Page 1.

Very seldom will Google choose a post that is not on page 1.

There are ways to get to Page 1, and include things you can do before writing, during the writing and after publishing.

I have written a full post and you can read here.

Read Related Post; How To Rank On Page 1 of Google wIth A New Blog 

This post includes

  • Putting your long-tail keywords in the Title tag(H1 tag), URL and first paragraph
  • Insert internal links to your other related posts
  • Insert external links to Wikipedia
  • Put your keywords in the Alt-tag, title, description of Images
  • Include subheadings in H2 and H3, and paragraph text. This makes for easy skimming.
  • Make your post readable by having small paragraphs so that it is easy to read. Maximum 3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Embed a Youtube video

If you are writing a step-by-step guide, you can use H2 tag and word them in a consistent manner.

Step 1  – XXX (H2 tag)

Step 2 – XXX (H2 tag)

4. Images and Youtube Videos

Use high-quality images like stock photos from websites like Unsplash, Pixelbay.

You can use Canva which is free to design your own poster and visual.

If you make Youtube Videos, you can also get a chance to be in Featured Snippets.

Google has also used transcripts in videos, so be sure to transcribe your videos.

5. Search Intent of Your Readers

Understanding the search intent of the questions will help you craft your blog post to answer directly the questions.

The better the match between your post and the reader’s Search Intent, your posts will get shown by Google.


6. Using People Also Ask

Google Featured Snippets

Do you notice when you look at the Search Results Page 1, you see a section called “People Also Ask”, also PAA for short.

These are valuable resources and content ideas and they can form your Subheadings, using H2 title tags.

In that way, you are directly answering to Google’s requirements.

Use this section to get ideas for what to write in your blog posts.

These are questions that people are already asking, so providing click-worthy areas will present you with opportunities to get a showcase in Featured Snippets.


7. Using Answer The Public

Using Answer the Public can help you generate questions that the pubic are asking.

You can uncover many questions that can help you think of new blog posts ideas to write.

Your answers can come in the form of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How-Tos.


How can you make your content answer questions well?

I get it.

I always feel that whatever is out there is already excellent.

The more I read the posts on Page 1 and even 2, I just feel that they are already perfect.

What can a newbie like me, write better content, and worse still, think of competing with them for the Featured Snippet.

Am I dreaming the impossible?

Well, I learnt some tips. here they are:

  • Give more examples and tips.
  • Be more thorough.
  • Show statistics.
  • If steps are complicated, break them down and show step by steps.
  • Use pictures, videos, screenshots to explain and bring across your points.
  • Write for beginners.

That is why in my research, I want to omit too complicated terms. If I myself do not understand, I skip it.

I only pass information that a beginner can understand.


8. Do Your Keyword Research well.

If you choose too competitive keywords, these will be dominated by branded businesses.

Competing head-on is next to impossible.

A better chance for new bloggers to have a chance is to go for high search volume with low to medium competition.

Using keyword tools can guide you in finding a long tail keyword that your readers are likely to search for.

Related post: What is a Keyword Research Tool? (5 Free Keyword Research Tool for new bloggers)

9. Build A FAQ section in your website.

Though you may not do this at the beginning of your blog career, when you gather more knowledge, you are able to formulate a Question and Answer section.

Because Google loves to answer questions, so if you have a page ready to answer, you will catch Google’s attention.


10. Be Better than your Competition.

Though you may be new, do not be discouraged by the big brands that dominate.

Read their posts and aim to be better and have more details.

In time, you will grow in authority and traffic will go to your website.


11. Submit to Google Search Console

How to Get Google Featured Snippet

If you have made adjustments to your posts, then you can resubmit your post URL  to Google Search Console to re-index and re-crawl your post.

Usually, after I update a post and resubmit URL, I do see an improvement in page rank.


How to Submit to Google Search Console

Step 1

On the left menu, click “inspect URL”.

Step 2

Paste the URL on the white bar and press “enter”.

Step 3

Google will crawl the post and ask “Request Indexing”. Press “Yes”.

Step 4

Google will process and when it’s done, just click “Got it”.

You can check which page your post is in, by typing in the title of your post.

12. Promoting on Social Media

Even though you can rely on Google Search engine to help you get into Google Featured Snippet, there is no harm sharing to your social media like FB page, FB group, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

These social media can help boost pageviews and help Google notice that people like your content.

13. How To Optimizing Existing Content for Google Featured Snippets

If you already have blog posts and are already ranking for some keywords, there is a great potential to modify and improve your posts to get to the desired page 1 and Google featured Snippet position.

Do the steps below.

Step 1.

Find your top 10 keywords that you are already ranking for. Check out who is sitting in the Google Featured Snippet.

Step 2.

Check their content and adjust your format or content to match the paragraph/bullet/list/table format

Step 3.

Update the post and submit to Google Search Console (described above)

Other Resources to Help you

Watch this video on How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippet

And this video on How To Be Featured on Google Featured Snippet 


Summing Up

Google Featured Snippets are Google’s way to answer Searchers’ queries using direct answers and displaying them in Featured Snippet Boxes below ads.

This is very lucrative if you are a blogger looking for organic traffic without paying for ads.

I have listed the steps that you can incorporate in your blog post to get a chance to be picked by Google.

Google is fair as it tends to rotate different posts if it finds a better fit.

My post was rotated with another merchant and we seem to take turns being featured.

Anyone can have a chance to be featured in Google Featured Snippet.

And I want to encourage you to have a go at it.

When you get there, come and tell me so that I can celebrate with you.

I know if you work hard, you definitely will get featured as I have heard of many who have success.

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How to Get Google Featured Snippet

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