7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs to Follow if You are new to Blogging

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If you are a new blogger wanting to learn how to blog using FREE resources, you have come to the right place. Read on.

Here is a list of female bloggers and mom blogs that I have followed (and stalked) to help me in my blogging journey.

Be sure to bookmark this post for future reference.

Your Beginner Journey of Blogging

When you first start blogging, there will be days and months that you will feel overwhelmed. Once you open the door to blogging, it is not just a studio apartment you are entering.

There will be more doors leading into deeper rooms for deeper learning.

Words like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Site Speed, Guest Posting, Email List Building, Freebies, Opt-ins will fill up the pages of your notebook more than your child’s spelling list.

It’s a big bungalow with ample rooms for the whole family.




Then that is when you need to take a break, and breathe.

Information about blogging can run into pages and pages, and you can get so tired after reading so many.7 Female Bloggers (and Mom Blogs) To Follow if you are new to blogging

Look at my pile of notes on my table!

For me, I had a long thought-through before I started to venture on a blog.

My purpose is to make a passive income while being a normal homemaker. But deep down, It must be something I want to do, and that I must be willing to commit and succeed no matter what.

I understand that it will not be a get-rich-quick scheme, you don’t just write a few posts, put in some affiliate clicks, and hope that someone reads your blog and buy your recommendation.

So here is my journey of where I started. This is my first website which was set up with Wealthy Affiliate, which my good friend introduced to me in Sep 2019.

From Mar 2020, I built my blog to about 40 posts.

In May 2020, I started to learn more about Pinterest.

And that is where I discovered amazing female bloggers and mommy bloggers.

There were so many but I decided to share 7 female bloggers that I learnt a lot from.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to

1. Set up a website on WordPress.org with Siterubix.

2. Buy my domain name.

3. Link my website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

4. Set up “About Me“, “Home”, “Contact Me” and “Privacy Policy” Pages.

5. Begin writing posts targetting low competition keywords.

This is my first post, How To Choose a Baby Teeth Keepsake Container that I wrote with low competition keywords, and it quickly ranked on Page 1 of Yahoo within 1 month. Today it is ranking on page 1 of Google.

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6. Over time, I began to add affiliate links, learnt about the factors that lead to on-page and off-page SEO, and learn to promote using Social Media.

I used Pinterest and have a FB Page.

7. Other little things included putting a gravatar image on my profile, learning how to conduct research and draft out an informative post and a review post.

Also about engagement. I was just touching the groundwork basics.

For newbies who don’t have any ideas what to write, I read advice from a successful blogger that you can just write whatever posts you can.

Soon, you will know which niche will call out to you, for example like personal development.

Some mummies were teachers, managers, engineers, financial accountants, so they tend to be able to share their expertise.

if you just want to try out building a website being guided step by step, you can create your first website for FREE here.

So far, my happiest result is seeing my 5 Review posts on page 1 of Google


1. Review of Bass Toothbrush

2. Review of OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend

3. Review of OraWellness Tongue Scraper

4.Review of OraWellness Eco-Dental Floss

5. Review on OraWellness Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder


A few weeks ago, some were still page 4.


When I started to use Pinterest, I discovered lots of interesting pins.

Pins about blogging and they blew my mind away.

There are so many women and mummy bloggers who made the pins and I was so intrigued to download these pins and even create a separate board to house these pins.


From these pins, I read their blog posts and signed up for their FB groups and Free Courses.

As a beginner blogger, I am so grateful and appreciative towards these successful bloggers who so selflessly share their methods.

For each of the bloggers, I will share what they offer and their free and paid courses. I also share what I have learnt from them.

7 Female Bloggers that inspired me, and they can inspire you too!

7 Female Bloggers (and Mom Blogs) to Follow If are new to Blogging F

They are real people out there willing to share their journeys and their knowledge.

I would spend hours reading their blogs from beginning to end.

Most of the times, their posts are so long that I will read from the bottom up so that I know when I am finishing the post and not drowning in the sea of information.

I will start reading what people commented on their posts and scroll upwards.

I am on their email list so I get lots of good value content from every one of them.

1. Cate Rosales | sweetandsimplelife.com 

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs To follow if you are new to blogging

Cate Rosales has a FB Group Becoming A Blogger with about 22.6k members and growing.

This is the first FB Group that I joined. I chanced upon one of Cate’s pin on Pinterest which taught me how to upload my blog post to Pinterest in 3 simple steps.


In her FB group, there are frequent thread sharing days, meaning you are free to promote your post but you have to reciprocate on other members.


Sunday Collaborate – Members can drop their link to discuss on guest posts, interviews, podcasts, affiliates and sponsored posts.

Monday Instagram – Post an Instagram and engage with at least 3 other members’ posts.

Tuesday Twitter – Post a Twitter link and engage with at least 3 other members’ posts.

Thursday Pinterest – Post a link on Pinterest and repin at least 3 others from the threads.


I try to participate if I can finish my post for the week.


Free Courses

I have taken 2 of Cate’s free courses.


a. How To Start a Money-Making Blog – The 5 Day Challenge for Beginners.

The course is created on Teachable platform, and it was easy to digest the courses. It offered and covered the basics of setting up a blog and some advanced tips in SEO and Pinterest.


b. Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest – 11 % complete because there was so much to learn from everybody that I got sidetracked a bit. But I will return.


So far my Pinterest has 17k monthly viewers and 148 followers.

You can follow my Pinterest account here.


She loved to write and had 10 years of online business and marketing knowledge and she figured out how to turn her hobby blog to monetize it.


Her posts on her website are neatly classified into

a. Affiliate Marketing

b. Blogging Tips

c. Pinterest Marketing Tips

d. Social media Tips, so it was super easy to navigate.


She also has a few low priced courses on Affiliate Marketing and she has started Coaching Calls with Small groups.


I liked that she highlighted the things that are important to get it right from the beginning like deciding your host, buying your domain and starting to write your first few posts. She mentioned that it is not necessary to spend any money on buying courses at the beginning.


2. Leanne | passiveincomesuperstars.com

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs To follow if you are new to Blogging

Leanne’s FB Group Passive Income Superstars was launched in Nov 2019 and has grown to 839 in Jul 2020.

You are invited to join Passive Income Superstars FB. It is free and you can have access to valuable resources and find like-minded bloggers who are friendly and helpful!


She has started doing weekly FB lives and has helped her members by doing a critique on one review post in their website.

Leanne is a part-time doctor, I just learnt this today. You see, you learn so much about their lives by reading their “About Me’ page.


She is also a businesswoman who manages a few other businesses and has seen success in her affiliate marketing through her travel blog.

That is why she is sharing her knowledge of SEO, and she will also be launching her courses on Affiliate Marketing.

She shared from her experience that if a new blogger can learn SEO right from the start, your blog will get to a good start.


Free Courses

Because her pop-up opt-in was so cute, a money bag, I signed up for her 5-day Affiliate Marketing Challenge course delivered to my email over 5 days.


One great tip that I learnt from her was not to sign up for too many affiliate programmes in the beginning. You would want to focus on building your blog before applying to affiliate programmes. Also, companies would like to see your website at least have 5 posts to approve your application.

3. Lena | whatmommydoes.com

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs to Follow if you new to Blogging

Somewhere through the readings of multiple blogs, I came across Lena who is a CPA and has written over 700 posts in her blog. I love the friendly tone she uses in her courses and I got very encouraged by her emails.

Free Courses

I took her free Traffic Guide – Adventures in Blogging on 17 Jun 2020 and reached out to her by replying to her email to ask about what kind of freebies I can create on my blog.


She was so kind to look at my blog and promptly advised that I could offer my Ultimate Guide to Whitening your Teeth, and that gave birth to my first idea of Freebies. I used to think that Freebies are hard to create. But after that, freebies ideas start to come by more easily.


I love receiving her emails because her email icon has colourful words of what mummy does, its so distinctive.


She taught me how to improve on my top posts.

1. By knowing the top posts, you will know the reasons that it is doing well and review it to properly place opt-ins.

2. You can just write similarly to your top posts by using them as a guideline.

3. Promote best posts to social media.


4. Ling | finsavvypanda.com

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs to Follow If you are new to Blogging

I found Ling on Finsavvy Panda through Pinterest because her pin has a Panda, so cute!

I also have emailed her asking for advice on my organic traffic when it was 200 a month. She encouraged me a lot by mentioning that she got her traffic to her blogs through Pinterest.


She blogs about finance matters, saving money, earning money. I got a few good tips from her website and some online survey sites that I could start to earn some dollars.


Her emails are long and detailed and easy to read, and I could relate to her experience.

That anyone can be successful in starting a blog to make money, if only you will learn and apply.


Oh…I discovered an inspiring quote from her in an interview with Mediavine, an ad network that bloggers love more than Google Adsense….


“It can become overwhelming when you read income and traffic reports from other bloggers. Though it’s very inspiring and can motivate you, reading too much can do just the opposite and make you want to give up.There will be times when you need to put your blinders on and just ignore all the noise. Just focus on your own blogging goals. Only you know how much you can take on at a time. Everyone’s blogging journey will be different, so grow at your own pace. On top of that, I really do believe that investing in blogging resources can help you grow at a quicker pace.”


I so much needed that…

5. Elna  | twinsmommy.com

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs to Follow If you are a new to Blogging

Elna is a freelance writer and she is a mummy of a pair of twins. She started her blog as a freelance writer and soon was making a full-time income.

Free Courses 

Check out her website for free courses and freebies on

1. Become A Blogger Course

2. Pin Promote Planner

3. Goal Setting Planner


She also has a FB group Mom To Mompreneur and has started her FB Lives to share and help new mummy bloggers out with tips on what to blog and how to grow your blog traffic.


With her 4 years of blogging experience, you can definitely pick up lots of valuable information to get your basics and fundamentals of starting your blogs on the right footsteps.

In her posts, she will take you to step-by-step to setting up your blog, guides you on what types of posts to write, and where to promote them.


6. Suzi Whitford | startamomblog.com


I came across Suzi from Startamomblog when Elna mentioned about mummy blogs to follow.

Suzi worked as an Engineer in Walt Disney (wow nice!) and met her husband. She taught web design in college and in 2011, she started to blog about her wedding.


When her first daughter was born, she chose to be a stay-at-home mom.


At her blog, she has a Free Course that is perfect for anyone who is starting out, even when you have zero knowledge.


It will all be explained in simple steps and lead you to create a basic blog and how to proceed from there.

Free Course

You can click below to start your free course.

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs To Follow if you are new to Blogging


She launched her blog two weeks before the birth of her second daughter, in January 2016.

In June, she launched her first E-book and by end of her first year, she made $53 000 profit and able to pay off her mortgage. She also retired her husband and now John worked alongside with her in their business.

I love that she is selfless, she even helped her students by buying on Amazon using their affiliate links. This is so sweet!


Now her students have grown from 50 000 to 70 000 and still growing.

When I send her an email, I will patiently wait for her reply, because she is just so personal.

She gets so touched at seeing her students succeed after taking her courses.


Her signature courses include

  • Post By Numbers – how to get more traffic to your posts.
  • List By Numbers – how to build your email list from the beginning.
  • Niche By Numbers – how to find your perfect niche

If you want to learn all the courses and get a good discount, you can take The VIP Bundle


She has also tons of free resources that are especially helpful to newbie bloggers.

I feel very overwhelmed by her generosity in giving out FREE content and value.


She did her FB lives which were recorded and I had a better understanding of how noble this mummy is! She loves her husband John so much and retired him so that he can join her in the blog business.

She loves her children to pieces and even brought her girls to Disneyland!

Incidentally, she and her husband worked and met in Disneyland as they were industrial engineers. She is just so real as she talks about both sides of the family so much!

Susie taught university students to code website, so she already had lots of website knowledge. Her mommy was a businesswoman whom she looked up too. No wonder she turned out such an excellent businesswoman with heart.

If you want to start right from the beginning, then I highly recommend that you take her Blog By Number Signature Course

Otherwise, at least take her FREE Blog PLan Course


7. Angela | straycurls.com

7 Female Bloggers and Mom Blogs To Follow if you are new to Blogging

This blogger caught my attention on Pinterest because of her funny and eye-catching comic. I found out that she grew up in Abu Dhabi and now live in Bangalore, with her two furry friends.

From young, she was already displaying artistic talents, you should see the drawing that she showed on her About Me Page – it is so REAL.


Her Free Courses 

1. How to Start a blog the right way – a 7-day free email course

2. Blog planner

3. Grow Your Blog Traffic


Her Paid Products

1. Business Plan Workbook $14

If you have not started your blog yet but yet worried about its success? This Business Plan gets you to plan and visualize the different moving parts of the business, and let you be very clear, how you can get your blog off in the first step.


2. Etraffic $29

Angela, also self-taught and self-discovered all the successful methods that worked to grow her income to a full-time income. And now she offers courses at ridiculously low prices $7 to $99 to help new and even seasoned bloggers.


My Inbox is full to the brim with emails from these bloggers so much so they are like my friends!

To me, one thing stands out from these female bloggers out there, including my lovely friend, Joo from mamasmoneytree.com and eczemawarriors.com.


They are

  • Talented – they have expertise skills like engineering, financial, accounting background, and so they were able to put these skills to work
  • Determined – they are go-getters who do not give up easily.

Lessons most talked about – There is so much to learn!

1. How to Set Up Your Blog – Hosting, Niche audience, Domain name, Blog Theme, Wordpess for writing the blog post

2. Driving traffic to your blog – Google Search (SEO/Organic) and promoting through Social media like Pinterest, FB page, FB Groups, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

3. Monetarization through Ads display, Sponsored posts, Affiliate marketing

4. Grow Your Email by collecting subscribers, offering freebie and opt-ins

5. Blogging schedule and planners.


So these are the 7 female bloggers that I have learnt from. Of course, there are many more. i will add them in future when I figure out more.

Choose a few of these or other bloggers that you like, and just follow them.


Take each step one at a time. It’s a journey, not a marathon.

Most blogs take time, usually 6 months to 1 year to see results if they have done the correct steps.

Hope you like my humble sharing and that it will inspire you to start implementing your blog. Start writing that first post, start sharing to social media, just start somewhere.

Do you have a favourite blogger that you follow? Share with me in the comments below.

If you have learnt from this post, please share this post as there will be many new bloggers coming on board every day.


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