How to Choose a Baby Teeth Keepsake Container

How To Choose A Baby Teeth Keepsake Container

(updated 23 Jun 2020)

In this post, you will learn How To Choose A Baby Teeth Keepsake Container.

So if your kids are teething, soon you will need a place to store these fallen teeth (that is if you are the paying tooth fairy)

Admit it, when we were first-time parents, didn’t we hang on to every first item of our firstborns.

Be it his first lock of hair at the baby barber, the first fingernail, first blanket, stuffed toy, and the cute little onesie.

I have a box full of these, in my storeroom.

How To Find a Baby Teeth Keepsake Container
This is my son’s teeth collection.

Soon the first baby tooth will start dropping, and what a better place to store them, than to be in a baby teeth keepsake container.

How Do Baby Teeth Erupt and Shed

Baby Teeth has its purpose when they start to erupt from your baby’s gums.

They act as placeholders, reserving the place for the correct eruption of permanent teeth to come from age 6 to 12 onwards.

The first tooth to appear in the lower front teeth is called the lateral central incisor. Right about the 6 months old, and expectedly, it will be the first to drop around the age of 6 years old.

So actually you have a few good years to wait for tooth collection.

Well, meanwhile, your job is to keep their teeth and gums clean through regular toothbrushing.

Remember to use a soft bristle toothbrush or a soft cloth to clean them.

Baby Teeth – 20 Primary Teeth

8 INCISORS – 4 Lower, 4 Upper 

The Sequence of appearance

  • Lower Central Incisor
  • Upper Central Incisor

How To Find A Baby Teeth Keepsake Container

Incisors are the first point of contact with food. They usually grab the food to bite it down.

4 CANINES – 2 Upper. 2 Lower  

The sequence of appearance (around 16 months onwards)

  • Upper Canine
  • Lower Canine

Canine have sharp pointed edges for tearing food into smaller pieces.

8 Premolars – 4 Upper, 4 Lower 

Premolars are for chewing the food before they are being swallowed.

By age 3, most kids will have all their 20 primary teeth.


By Age 6, those which were the first to erupt will soon start to shed, in that order too.

By adulthood, the full set of 12 Molars should appear, making it complete 32 teeth for adults.

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