Review of BiomagScience Wellness Kit – Using Biomagnetism to Conquer Pain

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What is BiomagScience Wellness Kit?

Have you heard of using magnets to heal naturally? If you are looking for alternative and safe ways to reduce your pains, consider the use of Biomagnetism.

BiomagScience has developed therapies for over 180 medical conditions including injuries, chronic illnesses and several nerves and diseases.

When did I purchase the BiomagScience Wellness Kit?

BiomagScience Wellness Set

I was searching for non evasive ways to reduce toothache pains, and came across the BiomagScience Wellness Kit. The concept was using magnets to help heal and support healing.

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I was intrigued and wanted to find out more.

I am not new to using magnets for pain relief, and years ago, I was using Nikken Magnets for simple pain relief, and I liked them very much.

My pains did reduce, and so I was open to the idea of using magnets to help healing without eating painkillers.

I ordered the BiomagScience Wellness Kit in Nov 2020 when there was a sale of $109 (usual price $ 189.95). Other times, they will have sale of $149.95 which is also a good deal to get.

Getting the BiomagScience Wellness Kit is the best recommended deal as it contains all the necessary magnets, water energizer and a bottle of Activated Oxygen (BAO) good for a month’s supply.

What does the BiomagScience Wellness Set consist of ?

The set consists of

Magnets for Therapies use

1. Super BioMagnets (2)

Extremely powerful, 1/2 inch thick, deep penetration for organ and tissue therapies

2. Regular BioMagnets (4)

Very powerful, 1/4 inch thick, general pain relief

3. Power Wafers (6)

Powerful, 1/8 inch thick, for vitality, daytime, nightime therapy and light healing support for toothaches, headaches, hand, wrists and ankles

Each magnet has a Red(positive) and a Green (Negative) side. The Red side has a raised + sign to help you feel it when the magnet is away from your view.


Water Jar Energizers

2 blue rectangular water jar magnets with rubber bands for easy attachment to water bottles or jars.


BiomagScience Activated Oxygen (BAO)

A bottle of 60 ml of for use with energized water, up to a month’s supply or 90 drops.


Self grip bandage

This is used to help hold the magnets in place on the skin over the desired organs.


Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide

This is a simple 16-page A5 size booklet that goes through the contents of the BiomagScience Wellness Kit and clear pictorial instructions for the various therapies.

Each therapy has a name given to it, and pictures show exactly how the magnets can be placed on the relevant parts of the  body.

List of therapies explained and there are photographs enclosed to demonstrate placements of magnets on your body.

1. Daytime Therapy

2. Nighttime Therapy

3. Energized Water

4. OMET (Overnight Meridien Energizing Therapy)

5. Advanced Therapies for Acute/Chronic Conditions (ATACC) and its suggested order.

6. Brain Re-Entrainment Therapy

7. Circuit Therapies

Useful for Broken Bones, Knees, Elbows, Shoulders, Hips, Feet, Ankles, Whiplash, Pain Relief, Regeneration of Joint, Nerves, Tissues and Cartilage


Containing 250 pages of information, description and instructions on the benefits of the Wellness Kit.

Using the BiomagScience Wellness Kit

It does take a while to fully understand how to use these powerful magnets, so I spent a few hours reading and re-reading the CONQUERING PAIN book. I even underlined the important points.

For those of you who are too busy to read, or wondering what is in the contents of the book, I provided a useful quick summary below.

Reading the CONQUERING PAIN Book

Conquering pain Book

Chapter 7 Magnetized Structured Water

This chapter explains that when we drink water, a special hormone in our body separates into hydrogen and oxygen atoms (remember in our Chemistry class,  water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, H2O) that the  body can use independently.

Oxygen supports cellular functions while hydrogen supports functioning of glands and organs.

By placing the water energizer magnet adjacent to the water bottle, the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms are energized and form micro-clusters of their own.

Upon drinking, these water, the body is able to have increased cell hydration, increased oxygen and nutrition at the cell level.

Bio-Negative energized Structured water increases natural energy in the body. Drink this water daily for general wellness and during therapies.

Chapter 8 The Importance of BiomagScience Activated Oxygen (BAO)

BAO is a safe form of oxygen to take for increasing the body’s oxygen level.

It can also kill harmful and anaerobic infectious bacteria.

It is an oxygen in liquid concentrate that does not dissipate and absolutely safe and contains zero calorie.

The range of uses for BAO include

  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • heart attacks
  • bed sores
  • cuts
  • fever
  • indigestions
  • sunburns and many more…

Just add the correct drops in Energized Negative Water and drink as per normal.

Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of BAO with Energized Negative Water is an excellent way to elevate oxygen levels, increase vitality and fight off infectious bacteria in the body.

There are several testimonies from drinking BAO water as documented in the book, such as bee sting or a heart problem. The chapter also suggests recommended dosages for mixing with other juices, and also for treatment of gums, mouth and teeth.

Chapter 12 – How Biomagnetism helps relieve the pain from Arthritis and Inflammation – Super helpful for aged adults who may be suffering in silence.

Lots of case studies in Chapter 13 – Biomagnificient Testimonials and Case Studies.

It also goes into details how to use the magnets for the various health conditions and diseases.

A word of caution was explained in Chapter 15 Basic Biomagnetic Therapy and Precautions.

While one is pregnant, it is advised not to use Biomagnets directly over the womb as the direct energy may affect the fetus.

The Daytime, CVS, Nightime and Bio-Negative Water therapies do not interfere with the fetus, but provide supplemental energy.

Nausea at First with Daytime Therapy

I experienced the symptoms about a day after starting the Daytime Therapy. I had a bad episode of vomit and nausea, and I read that was the body trying to expel the toxins. Or I had very low energy prior to starting the therapy.

As soon as the cells start to energize, the toxins begin to be eliminated.

If the process is too overwhelming, the book advises to move to the CVS (Cerebral Vestibular System) – the placement of the magnets over the middle back of the neck, on the skin at the hairline)

Chapters 17 to 21 are details going into the Wellness Kit, and how each individual health conditions can be treated.

They even have therapies for cancer

1. Negative Super over any tumor for 24/7

2. Negative Super Daytime

3. CVS Daily

4. Nightime

5. Drink 4-6 glasses BNW with BAO:

Using the Daytime Therapy

The Daytime Therapy is used daily to help

  • increase energy
  • maintain wellness
  • overcome illness
  • naturally thin the blood to prevent stoke or heart attack

Using the Water Energizer Magnets

It is very simple to use the water energizer magnets for making your water healthier and pleasant to drink.

Just simply attach the blue water energizer magnet with the rubber band supplied, and in minutes, you will have a water bottle or jar filled with energy water.

Water jar Energizers

What the BiomagScience Wellness Kit did not help me

One of the main reasons I bought the Wellness Kit was hoping it could help me sleep well.

You see, I sleep early around 9pm, but I do not always have good sleep.

I would have lots of dream and woke up around mid-night for a pee, and then back to more dreams.

Some nights, I felt so exhausted running after buses, swimming in pools, and all sorts of adventure through a whole night of dreams. Is this you?

However, using the night time therapy of placing the 2 power wafers did not really help.

My dreams continued nights after nights.

But however, you could still give it a try. Different people different results.

How can the Wellness Kit help with getting good sleep?

A lack of sleep generally occurs from pain, stress, a condition that wakes up someone such as coughing, a change of the sunlight time throughout the year affecting serotonin and a lack of melatonin made by the pineal gland.

Since the BioMagnets help reduce pain, they can help one get to sleep.

Since they can help the body increase its electromotive vitality, the condition of coughing may be addressed by increasing the immune system and therefore, the BioMagnets can further help sleeping.

When the pineal gland [which is responsible for melatonin – the sleeping neurotransmitter responsible rest and therefore the body’s natural repair] is energized to increase its Negative Zeta potential, melatonin is increased for better sleep.

As people get older, many have a tendency to make less melatonin which means they get less sleep.

BiomagScience developed a protocol of using a 2-stack of Power Wafers simply using the hair [between the bottom and top Power Wafers] or a bobby pin or a band-aide to attach to the crown of the head which increases the melatonin for better sleep.

One of the mechanisms of melatonin is that it reduces stress – that is why it is used as a sleep supplement. Increasing it naturally with Biomagnetism is a simple, natural therapy to achieving sleep without drugs.

Conclusion for the BiomagScience Wellness Kit

After using the magnets for over 2 months, I have grown used to having them on me.

Every day, I will do the Daytime Therapy, wearing under my clothes. There is no need for band aid, as they were placed inside and outside of bra.

For other areas like behind of neck, I just used good old scotch tape to hold one magnet in place, and the second magnet just went on top of it.

The magnets have become quite a part of my life, and I would make sure I account for their whereabouts. Its easy to do roll -call, 2 Super, 4 Regular and 6 Power wafers.

I even used on my son who was complaining of a pain in his butt (literally he did!).

So I just placed the Super (the biggest one of all) on his skin of the butt for a few hours. He was able to walk properly without limping. I was so shocked and happily surprised.

Not recommended for Pregnant (only certain therapies as described in the book).

Also do not use near pacemakers and electrical implants.

Recommendations for the BiomagScience Wellness Kit

I do hope you enjoyed this review and that you will truly consider getting a set for your Home use.

You may never know when it will come in useful. It is like buying “180 doctors” first aid box, and I have even bought one set for my mommy.

She has some shoulder pains, and she has also experienced relief of pains when she used them. She has obediently used the water jar energizers for her water bottle and used the Biomagnet Activated Oxygen in her water.

A cute incident was that she drank a mouthful of the water with BAO close to bedtime, and reported that she could not get to sleep, because she was so alert!

I wrote this because I truly believe in the products – I only endorse products I have personally used and experienced the benefits.

And I really want you my readers to benefit from the products.

If as a result of buying the BiomagScience Wellness Kit, you get relief from everyday common aches and what not, or even better still, help someone’s therapy journey, especially fierce illnesses, my blog would be so blessed to spread the message.

Go on, have fun with the magnets and live a healthy life!

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BiomagScience Wellness Kit
Wellness Kit

Review of BiomagScience Wellness Kit

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