Best Whitening Gel for Teeth – Without Stepping Out of Your Home

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If you are reading this, I bet you are looking for the best whitening gel for teeth. You have tried so many local products from whitening toothpastes to whitening strips, customised trays or what not. Nothing seems to work.

You are almost ready to close that last article from Google on “Top 10 Best Whitening Products that Dentists Recommend”, then you landed at my page.

Here I will share with you why I choose Smile Brillant’s Whitening Gel as my personal choice for The Best Whitening Gel for Teeth.

Best Whitening Gel For Teeth

Types of Whitening Gel in the market

There are basically two type of products in the market for whitening gel.

  • Bleaching products. They contain hydrogen peroxide to lift deep and surface stains, whitening the teeth as a result. They may also contain either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Non-bleaching products. They lighten surface stains only.

Product Overview : Best Whitening Gel For Teeth

Company Founder. The Founder and President, Betty Shah, has over 30 years of dental experience.  Their team comprises of dental professionals with more than 30 years of teeth whitening experience.

Price : The cheapest is the set of 3 Whitening Gel at $35, and they have in sets of 6 and 9.

Place to buy: Online at Smile Brillant’s website

Guarantee : There is money back guarantee. For any reason that you are not happy with the product, you can return for a refund within 45 days. The company is also backed by Google’s Trusted Store program, so you can buy with assurance. Also if you need to replace your custom trays within 2 years due to loss or damage, the replacement cost is only $30.  

My rating : 9/10


  • Fast customised service. If you order custom fitted trays, they are made in United States and shipped local and worldwide.

This is a highly customised service, where you never need to leave your house to visit any dentist for tray fitting. A little DIY is needed though.

The service starts when they deliver the DIY kit to you. Once you receive, you will then follow the simple instructions, make your very own mould, and send it back for actual production. It is that simple. No fuss, no travelling, no leaving the house.

And the thing, is, postage is included in the price upon checkout. No additional shipping costs ever.

  • Made Fresh Each Month. The Whitening Gels are made fresh each month, without being overstocked at their warehouses. That means you are not getting products that could have been sitting too long in the warehouses, where the ingredients start breaking down, even before they get to your teeth.
  • Superb Individualised Packaging. Each syringes for teeth whitening is individually wrapped in air tight aluminum bags, giving you the confidence that it is tampered proof. Every time you tear open a syringe, it is fresh, safe and easy to use. Each tube can be used for 3 applications.
  • Proprietary “sticky gel” formula. The whitening gel is able to wrap and encompass the whole teeth surface areas, and fills in the pores of the teeth’s surface, removing stains and whitening the teeth.


The only con is that people who wear braces are normally not encouraged to use this method, as the custom tray will not fit well, and there will be gaps under their teeth which will not be whitened. It is best to wait until the braces come off permanently before they use the Whitening Gel.

How Often should you apply Whitening Gel for Teeth?

One should start with 45 minutes, and work their way up. A typical good duration would be 1 to 3 hours, once daily.

There are only 3 simple steps to using the whitening gel.

1. Tear open the syringe.

2. Fill up the custom tray, and recap for next 2 uses.

3. Bite into the custom tray snugly and wait for 1 to 3 hours.

Remove the gel from the custom tray, do not rinse. Brush teeth as per normal.

You can start with a set of 3 syringes initially with the custom trays. Once you are more comfortable, you may order more in future. Most customers start with a week’s supply and typically most report results after using for 12 days. Results vary from person to person depending on how much the intensity of stains. Gels that are open, last or 1 year while closed packages can be kept cold for 2 years.

After whitening your teeth, it is advisable to refrain from drinking coffee, tea and eating any food, so as not to create new stains again. If you do experience sensitive sensations, it should not be excessive and it will recover as your teeth rehydrate itself.

One additional thing that I like about these products is that they are not tested on animals, so it is perfectly safe to use.

Who is suitable to use these products?

Most people desiring to whiten their teeth are suitable to use whitening gel, with the exception of pregnant women, and children under the age of 12. People with ultra sensitive teeth may require additional products like the desensitizing gel. If you do experience sensitivity and gum irritation, do reduce the time duration of the teeth soaking in the custom trays.

Customers who benefitted include those heavy coffee, tea drinkers and heavy smokers.

When is the Best Time to use the Whitening Gel?

The best time to do teeth whitening is before you sleep. Just brush your teeth without toothpaste, leave the gel on for the set amount of time, and then brush with toothpaste as per normal. It is very important not to eat any food or drink any water, as the gel works its way on the teeth


Most satisfied customers who submitted video testimonies shared that they see significant improvements and that alone is convincing. And with the money back guarantee, it helps to make the buying decision easier.


I hope you have enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions on whitening gel for teeth, please leave your questions or reviews below.

Share with us, if you have used Whitening Gels from this company or any other whitening products. Share with us what works and what did not. i would love to hear from you.

SmileBrillant Whitening Gel






Overall Quality



  • Customised Teeth Tray
  • Sticky Gel Formula
  • Individually packed


  • Negative Customer experience
  • Long Delivery lead time

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