Best Toothpaste for Adults – Top 10 Picks

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Buying toothpaste is just so part of our usual grocery shopping.

Do you think much about which toothpaste to select, or do you buy at any whim and fancy, or simply decide based on promotions in the stores?

I know I always buy Darlie, a brand as it always comes bundled with free mugs and plates.

How do you know which is the best toothpaste for adults?

In this article, I will list down what we should look for when buying a tube of toothpaste.

Bear in mind this is the stuff that we put into our mouths day in and day out.

How can we not be more mindful of what we buy?

I then list down my version of Best Toothpaste for Adults, and I hope that it will give you a better reference to what you are buying for your toothpaste.


What to Look For When Choosing a Toothpaste

Before we grab any toothpaste based on the brand that we are familiar with or based on what the television commercials tell us daily, let’s take a look at what could possibly be stuffed inside these long tubes.

Does It Contain Fluoride?

This is the number one question asked by almost everybody who knows the importance of fluoride in our oral care.

Fluoride is the first and most popular ingredient which is found in the majority of toothpaste and also in drinking water.

It removes plaque effectively to fight against cavity by strengthening the enamel of your teeth.

If you come from a place where fluoride has been added in your drinking water (like in my country Singapore), you may be less concerned that this is a must-have in your selection of toothpaste.

The level of safe fluoride is between 1350 to 1500 ppm (parts per million), and that is set by regulating authorities, and toothpaste manufacturers will adhere to the strict levels.


Does It Whiten?

Most of us desire white gleaming teeth.

But with the amount of food and drinks that pass through our mouth and teeth every single minute, it can pose a challenge.

Add coffee, tea, ice cream, and sugary treats, you know the damage it can do to the colors of your teeth.

You may be attracted by the promise of “whitening” words written boldly on toothpaste boxes, and how many of you actually use that as a deciding factor?

Think again. 

Frankly, these whitening tubes may contain abrasives, as the only thing that can remove stains on teeth has to have some degree of peroxide.

This may only be available in dental treatment at dental offices.


I was shocked to learn that excessive usage of whitening may actually cause sensitivity as they contain abrasives, and slowly erode as you brush daily.


New Buzzword: Anti-bacterial

A new buzzword these days is antibacterial and it is no surprise that toothpaste have added this label.

Usually containing an antibacterial agent called triclosan, it is sometimes printed in the ingredient list.


Can I Use It If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth is a common issue with adults when you experience cold sensation when eating cold items like ice cream.

This is because your teeth’s protective surface has been eroded, even exposing the roots.

What sensitive toothpaste does is to block the exposed surface area from being stimulated when eating cold food.

These toothpaste contain ingredients that block the exposed nerve endings on the roots of your teeth.

Often, you can see on television commercials that demonstrate how sensitive toothpaste works by blocking the exposed nerves.


Seal Of Approval

These are authority approvals granted by the American Dental Association (ADA) or any country where you reside in.

It means that the ingredients have been inspected and found to be reliable. These will be prominent logos printed on the boxes and tubes.


Does It Reduce Tartar Build-Up?

If you want to reduce tartar build-up, a brown hard stain that hardens over layers of plaque, look for pyrophosphates as an ingredient.


Is it Organic?

Consumers are warier of what goes into their mouths.

Organic has become a major selling point for people looking for alternatives to potentially harmful ingredients.

Organic toothpaste contain all-natural ingredients, and will be free from 

  • trace of pesticides
  • GMOs
  • Glutens
  • Fluoride
  • Saccharin
  • SLS
  • Parabens
  • Detergents
  • or synthetics of any kind. 


Does It Freshen Breath?

Most of us who are shy to go close to people when we have bad breath, would welcome toothpaste that can specially freshen breath.

The question to ask is whether they can help our breath stay fresh as long as possible.

Be careful that they are not just using flavors to cover up bad smells.



Though this may apply more to children, sometimes we can have preferences to have variety in our tooth brushing.


Other typical ingredients – Should you be concerned?

  • Glycerol – colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting and harmless

  • Sorbitol – sweet taste

  • Calcium carbonate- has whitening properties

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – a common ingredient in soap, shampoo to reduce stain and remove residue

  • Xylitol – a natural sweetener extracted from birch wood. Reacts with fluoride to give better remineralization and protection against caries than just fluoride alone

  • Zinc – proven to fight bad breath

  • Mint – gives you a fresh feeling after brushing

Best Toothbrushes for Adults

At A Glance

1. Sensodyne Advance Repair Toothpaste
2. Jordan Green Clean Toothpaste
3. Jordan SensiWhite Toothpaste
4. Cali White Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
5. Dental Expert Activated Charcooal Toothpaste
6. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
7. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste
8. Atomy Toothpaste
9. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
10. Crest Pro Health Advanced Deep Clean Toothpaste

1. Sensodyne Advance Repair Toothpaste

Best toothpaste For Adult







We all know that Sensodyne is the most recognized toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth.

A recent survey in USA found that one in eight adults suffers from sensitive teeth.

Reasons for sensitive teeth range from brushing too hard, exposed root erosion, and worn tooth enamel.

Other factors include a cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth, a worn filling or gum disease.

So first on my list is Sensodyne Advance Repair Toothpaste.

This has fluoride specially formulated to help protect against tooth sensitivity and cavity, and with daily use helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

What I like about this unique, clinically proven concentrated calcium formula is that it helps repair vulnerable areas with the natural building blocks of your teeth.

Sensodyne Advanced Repair & Protect helps repair sensitive areas and strengthen your teeth.

Users like the fresh minty taste, leaving their mouths feeling clean and fresh.

With daily brushing, you can definitely obtain lasting sensitivity protection,

Users have reported that after using this toothpaste, they can drink cold water with no issue.

They mentioned that the product “worked immediately, and got better day after day.”.

Some mentioned it was a bit more expensive, but the results showed that there were whitening effects. It is best to avoid coffee, tea, and smoking which could reduce the whitening effects of the toothpaste.

One user who had extremely sensitive teeth said the toothpaste “worked miracles”, she liked her fresh breath after using the product.

With over 500 reviews on this product, you can not go wrong if you have sensitive teeth.

After every use, it forms a protective barrier, so that you can consume cold drinks without sensitivity. One thing though, once you start using this, and it solves your sensitivity issues, it is advised to continue using, otherwise, it may recur.

2. Jordan Green Clean Toothpaste

Jordan is a Scandinavian brand that has been caring for people’s teeth since 1927. They have a Green Clean toothpaste that is ecofriendly.

What I like about this toothpaste is that it contains all the ingredients that are beneficial and natural.

  • Fluoride and xylitol to give you the best protection against cavities.

  • Stevie – natural sweetener

  • Green tea extract – with antioxidant properties.

I like companies that are environmentally friendly. 

Jordan has used natural ingredients in its toothpaste, and the packaging of the toothpaste comes from recycled materials. 

98% of the toothpaste are from natural ingredients, for example, the mild foaming agent, it came from corn and has received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a proof for reduced environmental impact.


This is so encouraging as we prevent polluting the earth.

Many happy customers who are vegan now can use this toothpaste with peace of mind as it is certified by the Vegan Society


3. Jordan SensiWhite Toothpaste Best Toothpaste For Adult

If you are looking for a toothpaste to whiten your teeth, you may like to try this product from Jordan,

SensiWhite™ is a series of gentle whitening toothpaste.

There are 2 choices of toothpaste – Enamel Protection which removes discoloration and repairs initial enamel damage, while the Sensitivity Protection variants does the same and also protects against tooth sensitivity.

Both have the Nordic seal of Ecolabel.

Choose this toothpaste for whitening your teeth at home by brushing twice a day without burning a hole in the pocket.

Consumers who bought this shared a common theme in their reviews.

They reported a shade of teeth whiter in about a week, as compared to spending thousands of money at the dentist office.

No wonder why Jordon’s whitening toothpaste is a popular choice for whitening.

The tube is well-designed to stand tall as it will occupy less space at the basin top. Owners also love the fresh breath after brushing.

4. Cali White Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Not only does it whiten, but it also detoxes.

It is an All-in-One toothpaste rolled in.

The ingredients in this whitening toothpaste consist of

1. Activated Charcoal – mildly abrasive and removes surface stains

2. Diatomaceous Earth, – mild abrasive, responsible for the whitening action

3. Tea Tree Oil – kills bacteria in the mouth

4. Coconut Oil – known to bind bacteria in the mouth

5. Xylitol – a natural sweetener

6. Peppermint Oil – freshen the breath and add minty taste to your toothpaste

Satisfied customers “love everything about this product! It works immediately!

I saw a noticeable difference within the first few days with the color and it left my teeth feeling so much cleaner than regular toothpaste! Awesome product!”

With many concerns now on whether toothpaste that contains activated charcoal is approved or appropriate for daily use, I found that the answer from Calwhite’s website.


“Yes, our Charcoal Toothpaste can safely be used multiple times a day. It is very gentle with an RDA (relative dentin abrasiveness) score of 114 which is ranked between Crest Whitening and Arm & Hammer Advance White Gel!”

Also, their toothpaste contains antibacterial and remineralizing properties making it a great replacement for your traditional toothpaste.

So you can safely use this toothpaste even though there were great controversies on using activated charcoal. It is also suitable for teenagers and also those who wear veneers.


5. Dental Expert Activated Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Adult









Charcoal toothpaste have occupied an increasing number of market shelves, signifying that consumers are slowly beginning to overcome their skepticism of the new entrant.

This brand also converted the early users who tried other brands.

Perhaps with the competition, the quality of activated charcoal has improved.

One user has tried many others, but once he tried this, he immediately saw results. His teeth whitened and he liked his fresh breath, and he liked it that it does not contain any fluoride, SLS, Triclosan and Peroxide too.

Another user mentioned that her husband has had “severe teeth staining for a number of years. In just a week or two the bad staining on his front teeth is very noticeably lightening.”

First time users may be uncomfortable with the colour but were soon convinced as they see day to day transformation in their teeth.

One felt his teeth were smooth and he cannot help keep look at his teeth in the mirror. It also has a nice coconut oil taste, and he experienced fresh breath the whole day.


6. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Adult







I promise this is the last activated charcoal Toothpaste on my list.

Bear with as I share that this toothpaste is Fluoride and SLS Free, so it is perfect for those who want whitening without SLS.

Another popular player in the Activated Charcoal Whitening market, this product has lots of positive reviews. In Amazon itself, there are 3064 reviews!

“I wish that I had taken a picture of before and after, my teeth was 4 times whiter. One caution though is to quickly rinse after you spit out the toothpaste, as it will create a black mess all over your sink.”

Some liked that it is convenient as a travel size (1 Oz).

One user had bought other brands to find that it was not even effective, but once he tried Hello Activated Charcoal, he discovered that the charcoal content was higher and stayed black unlike earlier ones which turned grey. He also liked the mint taste.

A common caution is to rinse thoroughly and not let any charcoal be stuck underneath the teeth.

This product is very useful for smokers with stained teeth as “she tried for a month as she is a heavy smoker and drinker of coffee and soda.” Her teeth were so clearly whiter and her friends noticed.




7. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste Best Toothpaste For Adults

Some named this the best toothpaste for sensitive whitening, meaning if you have sensitive teeth and still desire to whiten your teeth, choose this.

Many customers with sensitive teeth purchased this after a trip to the dentist.

Strongly recommended by dentists, this toothpaste allows people with sensitive teeth to still be able to whiten their teeth without the harmful abrasives found in normal whitening toothpaste.

Someone who had some gum recession from over bleaching his teeth in his younger days, also had braces while whitening, tried this and was pleasantly delighted with the results.

“This product is gentle but yet effective in getting the teeth clean and mouth fresh. I do notice a difference. Honestly with the whitening Sensodyne, I will use regularly.”

Someone who had extremely sensitive teeth to cold foods had to always forego ice cream, was able to reduce his stingy sensation after using the product. It had made such a huge impact in his life, be able to enjoy cold foods without the stings.


For the elderly who has little enamel left, this is also ideal, as one woman shared that the toothpaste gave her fresh breath, whiten her teeth and gave her extra protection. Also, for someone with a reactive tongue who did not enjoy the current toothpaste taste, this one has transformed her expectation and left her tongue more squeaky clean.

However even though most reported great results with the whitening, some felt that the freshness could not last the whole day.


8. Atomy Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Adults








When I examined Atomy Toothpaste, I found that it meets all the criteria that you may be looking for in an ideal toothpaste. Let me elaborate.

First, the ingredients are all-natural.

  • Non abrasive
  • Green Tea Extract – anti-oxidant, boosts immune system, removes bad breath
  • Triclosan – reduce bacteria and prevents gum diseases
  • Propolis Extract – antibiotic, anti-bacterial and prevent swelling of gums
  • It has the usual benefits of removing and preventing tar build up. It also prevents cavity and bad breath

This product just “stands out from the rest. I felt as if I was at the dentist every day for a cleaning. Super satisfied. Will make it my regular toothpaste.

The 7.4 oz tube is a great buy and can last a month or more.

9. Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Adults









I got to know about Thieves oil a few years back. It started with the Thieves oil, which is a blend of essential oils known to increase immunity.

Its name was inspired by the legend of four French thieves in the 15th century who wore a special blend of rosemary, clove and other botanicals while they robbed the dead and dying.

The story goes, when the thieves were caught they were offered a lesser punishment if they would divulge to the king the secret to their immunity, despite being exposed to a highly infectious, deadly disease.

In the same manner, the Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste also contains the Thieves blend of oil and lots more.

Besides the usual ingredients of calcium carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Xylitol, Thieves essential oil blend, it also contains Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils.

All these work together to combat the nasty bugs inside the mouth and provide fresh breath and oral protection.

The wonderful features of this toothpaste include the following:

  • Free of fluoride
  • Natural ingredients that support healthy-looking gums and teeth
  • Delivers long-lasting fresh breath
  • Offers gentle treatment of tooth enamel
  • Provides a refreshing minty taste with 100 percent pure essential oils
  • Formulated without sulfates, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives
  • Travels easier with its convenient smaller size

One user experienced no tartar built up after using this and also had dentists praising his well-taken teeth.

10. Crest Pro Health Advanced Deep Clean Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Adults





Crest is a popular brand easily found at the supermarkets. The advantages are clearly spelled out in the bright blue packaging and numerous reviews proved the promises work.

One remarked this as the “best toothpaste ever, it whitens her teeth and gives her a nice minty smell which is not as overpowering as others.”

It also managed to do the job of expensive brands in managing sensitive teeth without breaking the bank. One customer buys “half a dozen” every other week,

This low-cost toothpaste works hard to provide protection against cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitive teeth, tartar buildup and it freshens breath and whitens your teeth, too.

That is super work for a small tube of toothpaste. Another All-In-One Toothpaste that you ever need.


However, some users did comment that this toothpaste makes their mouth dry.

It was thick and gritty. And it leaves a film on their tongue and cheeks.


How about Toothpaste in a Jar? Peppermint or Tangerine?



Remineralizing Toothpaste


Jade Bloom has this all-natural toothpaste in a jar that contains peppermint or tangerine. ( plus 9 other options of essential oils) 

Why in a jar? 

Because using a glass jar preserves the natural ingredients along with the refreshing essential oils of peppermint or tangerine.


Why I love Jade Bloom so much?


The very first bottle I got was Peppermint oil, which I will use in my Homemade toothpaste recipes

Jade Bloom has the best peppermint oil quality in the world. It uses a steam distillation process using the highest grade material sourced from around the world. 

Check out this Peppermint Jar Toothpaste

They carefully formulated this toothpaste several years ago, and it has grown to be a staple in the homes of so many of our customers.

But what makes it so special? There is a TON of information on the product page, and you can click here to read all about it, but here are a few key features:


1. Remineralizes Tooth Enamel

2. Boosts Immunity

3. Naturally Whitens Teeth

4. 12 Unique Flavors Made From 100% Pure Essential Oils – Tastes Great

5. Naturally-Occurring Menthol Leaves Your Mouth Feeling Fresh & Clean

6. Every Ingredient Is All Natural With No Use Of Glycerin, Fluoride, Triclosan, SLS, Artificial Sweeteners, Propylene Glycol, DEA, or Microbeads


How To Use

1. Remove the lid from the glass jar.

2. Use the included spatula to remove a pea-size amount of PROTECT toothpaste from the container and apply it to your toothbrush.  

Alternatively, because of the antimicrobial properties of the essential oils, you may also dip your toothbrush directly into the glass jar.

3. Brush your teeth as normal for 2 minutes.

4. For best results rinse your mouth with Jade Bloom’s pH Restore – All Natural Mouthwash, and avoid putting products in your mouth that contains glycerin or alcohol.

Browse Jade Bloom Toothpaste and other amazing products that you will love. 


Conclusion of Best Toothpaste for Adults

By now, you should have already your own favorite toothpaste.

If not, I hope that you can find one among the list above. If you have a favorite toothpaste, share with me and I just might feature it in the future, as I am always looking for great products to share with our readers.

Be sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions regarding the top 10 favorite toothpaste for adults.


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