Best Toothbrushes For Adults 2021

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Today I will be sharing the 7 Best Toothbrushes for Adults 2021. As you know, your toothbrush is the first thing that you reach for, in the morning after you wake up.

The toothbrush industry is a billion-dollar industry. In 2018, the manual toothbrush industry was valued at USD $4.4 billion and continues to expand at an annual rate of 6.9%.

Compare this to the electric toothbrushes’ global market share of USD$3 billion and an expected growth rate of 7 %. The manual toothbrush is not going to be replaced any time soon by electric toothbrushes.

Due to increase average household incomes, companies have been creative and innovative in coming up with attractive and effective toothbrush for every tooth. Listed below are 7 of my top picks in Best Toothbrushes for Adults 2020.

Brief History of the Manual Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes have come a long way. The earliest toothbrush was created by William Addis in England around 1780. He used the animal bone to carve a long handle and attached bristles. These were the stiff, coarse hairs taken from the back of a boar.

Boar bristles were used until 1938 and then replaced by nylon bristles. The first nylon toothbrush was called Doctor West’s Miracle Toothbrush. Since then, awareness about oral hygiene began to increase in leaps and bounds, leading to an exponential growth of this seemingly ordinary toothbrush.

If you look at the big brands of toothbrushes, you will find familiar names like Colgate Palmolive (China) Co. Ltd., Procter & Gamble (China) Ltd., Yunnan Baiyao Group Co. Ltd, Unilever (China) Ltd. and Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co., Ltd, which incidentally also are the largest players in the Toothpaste industries.

How To Choose a Toothbrush – 3 Tips

1. Size

In choosing a suitable size for your toothbrush, big does not equal better. Do you know what size of toothbrush is suitable for you? It has been researched that the best size is one that reaches all areas of your mouth. Ideally, you don’t want a toothbrush that is too big for your mouth. It has to reach the last tooth at the back, without you straining your mouth too wide.

The ideal height of the bristles is 1 inch tall and 0.5 inches wide. This helps you to navigate your toothbrush easily when it is inside your mouth. This way, you have fewer chances of hurting your gums and your cheeks on the inside, which may lead to gum sores or worse canker sores.

2. Bristle texture

Toothbrushes have various textures and the common ones are hard, medium, and soft. Dentists will usually advise on soft ones, because you may have instances of sensitive teeth, or have gums that bleed easily. In addition, a recommended idea is to have rounded tips too.

You should almost never use hard bristles since they can cause damage to your gums when you do your daily brushing. Once it was thought that hard bristles are useful for removing stains, but better toothpaste have been invented to do a better job. However, you can still have a hard bristle brush for scrubbing a denture for example.

3. Cost

You may want to use cost into consideration when you buy your toothbrushes.

If you have to throw away toothbrushes every 3 months, it does not make sense to invest in an expensive model. In this case, you may buy the cheaper brands in bulk, and feel less guilty when you have to discard every 3 months.

Most toothpaste manufacturers have their own brand of toothbrushes to accompany their product lines, and you can add the same brand of toothbrushes when you shop for toothpaste. I know I always alternate between good old Darlie and Colgate, and I do remember having those Colgate toothbrushes in bulk in my cupboards.

4. You must like your toothbrush.

Let’s face it, you are going to face your toothbrush, twice a day, seven days a week. So be sure to choose a toothbrush that lets you look forward to first thing in the morning and last thing in the night. For me, my favorite companion toothbrush is the Bass Toothbrush. You can read my extensive review here.

At a glance

1. Plastic-Free Wooden Toothbrush

2. Woobamboo Toothbrush Adult Toothbrush

3. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush

4. MD Toothbrush

5. Oral-B Pro-Health All-In-One Soft Bristle Toothbrush

6. Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Medium Toothbrush

7. Melo Labs – Iko Whitening Finger Toothbrush

Best Toothpaste for Adults 2021

Plastic Free, Wooden Toothbrush

1. Plastic-Free Wooden Toothbrush

Best Toothbrushes for AdultsThe first toothbrush that I am recommending has no fancy names! It just goes by the name “Plastic-Free Wooden Toothbrushes”. It is sold by a company, Life without Plastic, set up in 2006. The company is a strong advocate of eliminating plastic from our lives and saving the environment.

We all know the harm that plastics bring to the environment. In our lifetime, we may use and discard 300 toothbrushes, multiply by the people on earth, we end up with over a billion toothbrushes sitting in landfills every year. You must have heard about dead marine sea creatures with toothbrushes in their stomachs or some researcher watching in horror “an albatross on Hawaii trying to regurgitate a toothbrush as food for its chick”. Don’t we think its time we change our habit?

For me, I have supported WWF (Worldwide Fund) by donating monthly to Save the Ocean campaigns. I want to incorporate plastic-free recommendations wherever possible. Incidentally, as I am writing this, today (22 Apr 2020) is Earth Day!

So I received an email from WWF-Singapore: “April 22 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day. Take a moment with WWF’s Amy Smith as she explores how nature enhances her mindfulness practice—especially during these stressful times. And remember, Earth Day is every day, no matter where you are on this beautiful planet of ours.”

Okay, back to my toothbrush sharing.

I like that the company has introduced a simple range of beechwood-handle with all-natural pig hair as bristles.

You can be assured that no negligence has gone into making this toothbrush. The natural pig hair has been sourced from farmed pigs which were raised for meat. These hairs were treated and bleached so that they are cleared from all contamination.

Click here to read a blog post about this toothbrush by a BBC journalist.


There are a few options in which you can make the purchase. I would recommend that you buy a combination of Adult and Children Size so that the whole family can use it.

1. Set of 10 Adult toothbrushes – $74.95

2. Set of 5 Adult, 5 Children toothbrushes – $69.00

4. Set of 10 Children toothbrushes – $64.95

They shipped to Canada, the USA, and all international countries.


Compostable – you can throw away and not add to the landfill. However, it will be good if you can recycle them.


Slightly more pricey.

Users have great praise for this toothbrush. They like that it was easy to reach the teeth. Want to do your part for the environment? Head over here to buy it at Life Without Plastic.


2. Woobamboo Toothbrush Adult Toothbrush

Best Toothbrushes for Adults

Besides plastics and wood, bamboo is also increasingly being sourced as an alternative for making toothbrushes. This is driven by the environmental concerns that big companies have and wish to make a difference in their consumer products. Woobamboo launched this toothbrush on Earth Day 2013, which means they are 7 years old today exactly!

Easy to Hold Handle – This is made from Moso bamboo which is grown in China, Taiwan and Japan. The way the bamboo trees are grown is sustainable, they are harvested without using pesticides and artificial chemicals. This type of bamboos is not food for the pandas, so they are not competing with pandas for the bamboos.

It is safe to use on yourself and your children because the handles are naturally anti-microbial and coated in a natural soybean wax. It comes to you free from bacteria and will stay that day with each use. They are also biodegradable, which means when you want to throw away the toothbrush, you simply pluck out all the bristles.

There is a choice of Slim and Standard handle. Because the handle was treated with natural wax, users find that they dry completely within a few hours. That way, you will not have wet toothbrushes sitting at your basin tops!

Bristles. Bristles are made of high-quality nylon. They have extra soft, soft, and medium bristles to choose from. For normal usage, a soft option will be good enough, unless you have sensitive teeth, you can try the extra soft bristles.

Everything about the toothbrush speaks environmentally friendly. They used soy-based ink and shipped the toothbrush in materials that are recyclable. They also have a children version called “Sprouts”, be sure to check it out! They can even offer you customization, like engraving your company’s name, and also in terms of packaging.


Handles are natural, containing no toxins, paints, and glues.


Some users commented that the bristles do not seem to reach the back teeth.


Best Toothbrush For Adults

3. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush

Morihata is a Japanese company that sells a range of healthy lifestyle products. The next new player in the toothbrush market is one made from activated binchotan charcoal.

Activated charcoal is obtained by burning oak branches at high temperatures and then cooling them down. The remaining ashes have the ability to remove unpleasant smells and other benefits like defecting negative ions in the home. Japanese call it the white charcoal and is normally used in Japanese cooking so it is edible and perfectly safe to be used in toothbrush bristles.

The Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush helps to clean teeth and deodorize the mouth. The detoxifying and cleansing power of Binchotan also helps avoid bacteria growing on the toothbrush, so they may last longer than regular plastic toothbrushes.

Handle – Made from BPA free plastic

Bristles – Binchotan Charcoal is being infused into the bristles, which has the effect of removing bad odours and plaque in the mouth. Available in soft, medium and firm bristles, these toothbrushes come in 5 different colours. There is one for everybody.

This product sells out fast, so be sure to buy one soon.

4. MD Toothbrush

What is the MD Toothbrush? The MD Toothbrush is created by a dentist, Dr Michael Davidson who believes that brushing at 45 degrees into the gum pocket of our mouth is the fastest effective way to remove the accumulated plaque.

After studying the wrong methods commonly used by the majority, his invention has 2 incredible features.

1. The 45 degrees angled toothbrush. When you put the toothbrush to the external surfaces of your teeth, it is already angled at the way for you, without you having to angle it upwards or downwards. You can check the “Cross Sign” on the bottom of the handle in the mirror to see if you are holding it at the correct angle.

2. Bristles angle. There are 3 rows of bristles, 2 white rows with the middle green soft bristles The way the bristles are aligned, are also at 45 degrees. It will come into contact with the correct surfaces as you move your toothbrush in circular movements. It is so easy to apply the Bass Toothbrushing technique this way, achieving great results after each brushing. The middle green bristles are extra soft and these are the ones that will dig gently below the gum line to remove the bacteria.


Whiter Teeth

Fresher Breath

Healthier Gums

100% More Plaque Removal

Watch a video by Michael Davidson, creator of the MD Toothbrush.


Soft Bristles Toothbrush

5. Oral-B Pro-Health All-In-One Soft Bristle Toothbrush

Best Toothbrush for Adults

Toothbrushes with soft bristles are very popular among adults with sensitive teeth and Oral-B carries one that meets all the best features in a good toothbrush. For those with a bigger mouth, you will like this broad, long head that allows you to reach your interior teeth.

Handle – Easy to grip, the handle has tongue cleaners. This is a very useful tool instead of using the bristles to brush your tongue. This will keep your bristles away from your tongue which may add additional bacteria when you brush.

Bristles – Soft and positioned at different angles, there is a bristle for every corner of your mouth. This means that you are free to use any method you like, including the traditional push and pull the brush and the side-to-side method. Alongside the bristles are soft rubber gum simulators that can help massage the connective tissue of your gums, stimulating blood flow to rejuvenate the gums.


Varied bristle pattern

Cheek and tongue cleaner

Indicator bristles change color when replacement needed

Removes plaque


Pricey for a manual toothbrush

Medium Bristles Toothbrush

6. Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Medium Toothbrush

Oral-B also has toothbrushes that come with medium and Criss Cross bristles to help those who need more help in removing tougher stains on their teeth. The bristles are stiff enough that they efficiently clear the teeth of plaque and built-up food particles, but they are not too hard where they can cause damage to the enamel.

However, if the bristles do brush against the gums too hard or too often, they may cause the gums to bleed. One user likened the Medium Toothbrush to the “Porsche of toothbrushes”! It has super cleaning power!

There is also a built-in tongue cleaner with the bristles act as a gentle massage for the gum line


Removes plaque

Angled bristles reach more hard-to-reach areas

Finger Toothbrush

7. Melo Labs – Iko Whitening Finger Toothbrush

Best Toothbrush for Adults

Last, but definitely not least on my list is the Melo Labs Iko Whitening Finger Toothbrush. Made in Italy, it is an innovative invention that can release fluoride upon contact with teeth.

No handle, No Toothpaste needed. No water needed. Insert your index finder into the Iko Finger Toothbrush, and the toothbrush will release fluoride with each use! No toothpaste but yet you can have clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath whilst helping to prevent plaque and cavities. No rinsing required. This is so handy when you are out camping where you do not have access to water and toothpaste. With no toothpaste, you also reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals in toothpaste.



100% recyclable.


PVC free

Silicon free

Best Electric Toothbrushes Consumer Report 2020


Among this list of toothbrushes, I hope there is one that you are already using. There is too much variety in the market, so it was not easy choosing my top few favorites. Getting the right toothbrush is just half the battle won. The others are the usual advice of brushing twice a day for 2 minutes, avoid too much coffee and sugar treats, use a good fluoride toothpaste. Last but not least, to see a dentist once a year.

Let me know which is your favorite toothbrush in the comments below!



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