21 Best Teething Relief for Babies (Tested by mummies!)

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Is your baby teething right now giving you sleepless nights?

Fret not, I have 21 teething reliefs and home remedies that will be useful for your little ones in their teething journey.

After reading this post, you will have greater ideas that you can quickly implement to relieve the teething discomforts your babies are experiencing.

Definitely one or a few of them will work for you, as they are sourced from real mummies who have tried these methods.

So let’s sink in.

What are the Signs of Baby Teething? 

Every baby’s teething journey is unique but usually, a first tooth should appear at 5 months of age.

Bottom Incisors   5 – 7 months

Top Incisors   6 – 8 months

Top Lateral Incisors 9 – 11 months

Bottom Lateral Incisors 10 – 12 months

Ist molars 12 – 16 months

2nd molars 20 – 30 months

Most babies should have their 20 teeth by three years old.



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Best teething Relief for babies

What do teething baby symptoms include?

Teething baby symptoms include

  • Swelling of cheeks
  • Drooling of saliva
  • Crankiness and fussiness
  • Biting on anything they can lay their hands on, including their chubby fist
  • Pulling their ears

Best Teething Relief for babies

What is the Best Teething Relief for Babies

Chill them

1. Frozen Wash Cloth

You can use any clean washcloth or terry cloth. Wet it and place it in the freezer. Alternatively, soak in some chamomile tea instead of water.

Partially wring them and pinch them out in the center to make it anchor in their mouth.

Once frozen, you can just grab and pass to your baby and he can bite on it for comfort.

Some mummies have cut cloth from old T-shirts and tie knots in them. As long is something they can chew on, it can help.


2. Frozen Fruits

Some fruits you can prepare and freeze include apples, bananas, strawberries, watermelon and melon. These can serve as delicious snacks while providing some relief.

You can simply get a Munchin Fresh Food Feeder and put frozen food in it

Best teething Reliefs for babies

The Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder has a simple mesh design and doubles up as a handy teething feeder. Babies can  gnaw on foods safely.

Simply place a piece of fruit, vegetable or even meat into the mesh bag and snap it shut. Baby can chew, suck and taste the whole food goodness, with only small, digestible pieces coming through – reducing the risk of choking.

It’s also a smart alternative to a teething toy. The Fresh Food Feeder features a colorful, easy-grip handle for your little one to hold – making this his first real step toward feeding independence.

You can choose other feeding utensils here. 



3. Frozen Milk Bottle

Place some water or juice in a milk bottle and turn it upside, so that the bottle nipple will be frozen with the liquid inside. Put inside the freezer, then you can hand to baby for him to put in his mouth.


4. Chilled Pacifier

Simply place baby’s favorite pacifier in the fridge for a few moments and then hand to baby.


5. DIY Popsicles

Keen to make some popsicles?

You can use fruit juice and freeze them into ready-made popsicles. This mommy shares her homemade popsicles using kiwi, spinach, mango, chia seed and strawberries, easy foods from the kitchen.

Why make popsicles? It gives babies something to put in their mouths and the cold will soothe the teething gums.

It is such a thirst saver if you are in the middle fo summer like now in Abu Dhabi where temperature can get to 40 degrees.

Best Teething Relief for babies


6. Chilled Teething Rings

Put Teething Rings in the refrigerator for a few hours and then it can help them to relieve some teeting discomfort because of the coolness.


Chew on These

7. Chew on Foods

You have a variety of choices of food you can give to teething little ones.

  • Cob of Corn – you can remove the corn bits and just give them the husk
  • Carrot
  • Banana
  • Celery stick
  • Mini bagel

Make sure to watch them at all times when giving these food items.


8. Homemade Teething Biscuits

Need a simple recipe for homemade teething biscuits? This mama serves up delicious and healthy versions of homemade biscuits made from bananas.

Of course, her recipes allow you to swap out for alternative fruits that your babies can accept. It’s best to watch over your little ones as they eat, though these could be more suitable for over one-year-olds to grab the biscuits in their hands.

Sample ingredients that you can use

  1. Oat flour
  2. Pinch of cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg
  3. Banana or alternate fruits – sweet potato puree/roasted pumpkin

It is great to make a small batch each time and keep in an airtight container or consume within days. Experiment with suggested ingredients or whatever works for you.


9. Toothbrush

An infant toothbrush is a good introduction to a baby’s toothbrushing journey as he puts in his mouth to soothe his gums. Choose one with soft bristles so that it can stimulate his gums too.

Radius has this Totz toothbrush perfect for 18months to three years old. It is BPA free and approved by FDA. It is latex-free and has an easy-to-grip handle. The brush head is soft and safe for little mouths. It’s so cheap, under $5!

Best Teething relief for babies


10. Steel or wooden spoon

Easily found in the kitchen, clean steel or wooden spoon is super handy and has also been used by mummies for quick relief.


Homeopathic remedies for Teething babies

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old therapeutic method that uses diluted substances to relieve symptoms. The active ingredients in homeopathic medicines include diluted plant or animal extracts or minerals that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength. For example, a microdose of a coffee bean helps nervousness.

11. Camilia/Chamomile Over the counter

One mummy’s happy!

“Are teeth coming? Camilia drops have been helping a ton today!”

Camilia drops contain Chamomile, Pokeweed, and Chinese Rhubarb. They help to reduce swollen gums and tooth sensitivity in babies.

The best thing?

No benzocaine, sweeteners, flavors, dyes, and preservatives.


12. Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules (Nelson’s teething powder, Nelson’s teething gel)

Keen to try Nelson’s Teetha Teething Granules? It is a homeopathic remedy

It is a packet of granules that you give to babies over 3 months old, by pouring the packet of granules over their mouth a little at a time until fully dissolved.

Read this mummy’s review of how it has helped both her kids when they were fussy with teething.

Best Teething Relief for babies


13. Cuddles, Hugs, and Massage

This is by far the cheapest because it is Free and Safe. No chemicals whatsoever. Start with a gentle massage of their gums. Just use a clean finger and feel where it is swollen. if they allow, cuddle and hug your little ones.

This can serve as a distraction and they will enjoy getting your attention. Cuddling and hugging also produce hormones that serve as a pain reliever and feel good emotions. Carry your babies close to you, baby-wear them close to you, they will surely love all of it.


14. DIY Teething Cream (using 3Cs)

Another clever mummy has created her own DIY Teething Cream, with three simple ingredients like coconut oil, cloves and food-grade cocoa butter.
Each time she makes a small batch which she can leave at the shelf

It is such a lifesaver, as it is also useful for adults too.


15. Nuby teething keys and the Nuby teething ring

This has to be the simplest teething keys and teething ring that you can get hold of. A baby must be so thrilled that they can have their own set of keys like adults.

BPA free, cheap, fuss-free, easy to grip, colorful, these are the qualities that make this traditional type of teething rings so popular.

The “keys” are gentle on your baby’ gums and the ring hard enough to stimulate your baby’s gums.


16. Sophie La Girafe

Though wildly popular among parents, Sophie la girafe is no stranger to most parents, though it is a premium toy to own, with a price of $25.

Yet it has its fair share of negative reviews, one of them being good old mold. Drool from a baby is enough moisture to set off the growth of mold.

Though the news article say that mold is not necessarily cause for alarm unless it is a case of severe allergy.

Being fully natural rubber, it has to be wiped with a damp cloth, not fully emerged in water, where water can get inside.

So mold or not, you make the call whether its worth to go for the giraffe. Either avoid altogether or ditch it once your little one outgrows their need for a comforting teething toy.


17. Mitten

Ever thought that a good old mitten can be transformed into a teething pain relief?

This company has cleverly designed a mitten that can double up as something that is safe and washable for drool and biting. It fits three months to one year old, enough to get you through the terror teething months, and comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

There are raised bumps on the top part of the mitten for easy grabbing and helps with massaging of their gums.

The mittens also function like traditional mittens to prevent scratching on their face, so it is really a worthy investment(under $15)


18. Natural teething toys

If you are looking for nontoxic materials for your baby, then take a look at the recommendations from The Tot, which researched, tested and only sell products that passed their strictest test

The Tot was started by a mommy who wants to eliminate toxic materials from our lives as much as possible. Her mission was to find and support companies that are able to produce safe and natural products that mummies can use without worry.

Best Teething Relief for Babies

Loulou Lollipop Taco 

Wally the Watermelon Teether 


19. Best Organic Baby Teething Biscuits 

If you prefer organic teething biscuits, there is no lack of choice in the market.

Just head over to this review of organic teething biscuits and you can have a variety of organic baby teething biscuits that fit your taste and budget.


20. Using Ground Cloves

Instead of using Clove essential oil if you are worried about baby accidentally ingesting, use ground cloves.

Just dip a clean wet finger into ground cloves and rub on baby’s gums. It usually does the trick to stop the pain quickly enough.


21. Mummy or Daddy’s Finger

Ok, I saved this for last.

If mummy does not fancy being in baby’s mouth, volunteer’s Daddy’s hand instead.

Having a human being understand baby’s pains, and be willing to share the pain together, will surely make baby happy!


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Non-Recommended Teething Remedies

1. Honey

Honey, sugar, and jam are not recommended by Australian Dental Services for use in pacifiers as they do not numb pain.

2. Amber bracelet

Though many parents have given positive testimonies that amber calm their babies’ nerves, the Australian Dental Services suggested avoiding it was it can be choking hazard.

3. Baby Teething Gel

If you are thinking of giving baby teething gel, then you can read this information against the use of it. Not only are they not safe for babies under two, but they also contain dangerous substances like topical anesthetic benzocaine.

“Benzocaine use can lead to methemoglobinemia, a rare, but dangerous condition that is the result of elevated levels of methemoglobin in the blood which can lead to death.”

Source: https://seattlemamadoc.seattlechildrens.org/no-benzocaine-for-teething-babies/

4. Gripe water for teething

I must admit I personally like gripe water as a child and so when I have my children, I also bought a bottle of Gripe water occasionally.

Though I used it more for stomach bloatedness for my kids, some mummies have used it for soothing teething pains.

However, there were some precautions about using gripe water due to its content.

So read the ingredients list and watch out for those such as sodium bicarbonate, peppermint, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, parabens, and vegetable carbon, that you may not be too comfortable to give.

Generally, avoid giving to babies younger than 1 month.

So generally while it is safe to give gripe water, do watch out for any allergies and see a doctor if symptoms develop.


Summing Up

I hope that this post arms you with excellent ideas for your teething babies that you will never again at a loss during those cranky moments.

From natural homemade solutions to store-bought options and even free choices, there is bound to be one that will do the magic for you.

Let me know if you are going through this special phase now, or if your children have outgrown, what were your methods that worked like a charm?

I would love to hear from you.

If you like this post, please help me to share it with your social media!

best teething relief for babies


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