How to Choose a Baby Teeth Keepsake Container

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Do you have little ones who are beginning to shred their teeth?

(updated 30 Aug 2020)

 With each tooth that falls out, learn How To Choose A Baby Teeth Keepsake Container here.

There are so many types of baby teeth keepsake boxes to choose from, here I will provide a detailed guide.

Let’s get started.


Baby Keepsake Container


Admit it, when we were first-time parents, didn’t we hang on to every first item of our firstborns.

Be it his first lock of hair at the baby barber, the first fingernail, first blanket, stuffed toy, and the cute little onesie.

I have a box full of these, in my storeroom.

Soon the first baby tooth will start dropping, and what a better place to store them, than to be in a baby teeth keepsake container.


How To Find a Baby Teeth Keepsake Container
This is my son’s teeth collection.


How Do Baby Teeth Erupt and Shed

Baby Teeth has its purpose when they start to erupt from your baby’s gums.

They act as placeholders, reserving the place for the correct eruption of permanent teeth to come from age 6 to 12 onwards.

The first tooth to appear in the lower front teeth is called the lateral central incisor. Right about the 6 months old, and expectedly, it will be the first to drop around the age of 6 years old.

So actually you have a few good years to wait for tooth collection.

Well, meanwhile, your job is to keep their teeth and gums clean through regular toothbrushing.

Remember to use a soft bristle toothbrush or a soft cloth to clean them. 

No toothpaste is necessary. 


Baby Teeth – 20 Primary Teeth

8 INCISORS – 4 Lower, 4 Upper 

The Sequence of appearance

  • Lower Central Incisor
  • Upper Central Incisor

How To Find A Baby Teeth Keepsake Container


Incisors are the first point of contact with food. They usually grab the food to bite it down.

4 CANINES – 2 Upper. 2 Lower  

The sequence of appearance (around 16 months onwards)

  • Upper Canine
  • Lower Canine

Canine have sharp pointed edges for tearing food into smaller pieces.

8 Premolars – 4 Upper, 4 Lower 

Premolars are for chewing the food before they are being swallowed.

By age 3, most kids will have all their 20 primary teeth.

By Age 6, those which were the first to erupt will soon start to shed, in that order too.

By adulthood, the full set of 12 Molars should appear, making it complete 32 teeth for adults.

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Hanging on to every item that can serve as reminders, we see how fast our babies are growing.

So we collect their teeth for sentimental reasons, hoping that down the years, we can look back at these cute little teeth.

Also, we do not want to discard since we may regret not keeping them, and there would be no way to retrieve them.

Fortunately, these teeth do not take up a lot of storage space, unlike items like their first clothing, toys, and drawings.

Get a Free Tooth Tracker so that you can keep all your records of your baby’s teeth!

Is There a Reason To Keep Baby Teeth

Most of us would keep our baby teeth because it is so cute and precious, and to just throw away is just so not cool.

Unknown to most of us, baby teeth are rich sources of stem cells, which are like prototype cells, that can be harvested and grown into multiple kinds of cells if ever needed.

Meaning that if the future, should your child need replacement tissues, the baby teeth could come in handy to serve that purpose.

So now that could really be a better excuse to hold on to your children’s baby teeth.

Some baby keepsake box has slots for storing umbilical cords too. So much for good memories!


What Should I Do with my child’s baby teeth?

We just grab any small box or container and just place these teeth in them.

I have 2 separate small little shampoo containers for each of my sons’ teeth.

However, I have seen beautiful boxes sold online and in stores, and its definitely worth taking a look at these offerings.


Types Of Baby Teeth Keepsake Containers

When we see the types of baby teeth keepsake containers, we are surrounded by abundant choices.


1. Wooden

Some are made of 100% pine wood, corrosion-resistant and durable for long term storage. It helps with record keeping.

There are slots for you to write down important information like their weight at birth, the date the tooth dropped, and so on.

Because it is made of wood, you need to regularly air the box and avoid using water to wash it. Just wipe with a wet cloth. There are even versions for boy and girl designs.




2. Rubber

Made from rubber is more economical if the price is a concern. Known to be lightweight, and does not take up much space to store them.


3. Personalized or Customized

These are specially designed to hold each tooth, according to the position of the tooth.  How specific can that get? How about a tooth fairy box customized, one holder for each tooth?


4. Cartoon Designs

Definitely there is a favorite cartoon character for each of your children, and it makes them more endearing. In the future, you may want to hand over to them when they become adults.

Look for those nontoxic and painted with environmentally friendly water-based paint, so there would be no worry of children putting in their mouths.


5. Jewelry Box

Some of these come with photo slots so you can add your children’s images as reminders of how young they were.


6. Cheaper options

These could be made of plastic, painted with non-toxic paints and ink. They are excellent to encourage imaginative play, so both educational and functional.


7. DIY or make-your-own

Why not incorporate teeth-keeping as a fun arts and crafts activity, that can improve parent-child bonding. You would have an opportunity to mold and paint a unique baby teeth keepsake container, which is one of its kind.

You can even have these as gifts for new parents in baby showers.

How about using your own Wedding Ring Box?

With so many choices, I certainly wished my mummy had kept my teeth in one of these so that I can have my own personalized tooth keepsake box collection!


How about Creating and Making Your Very Own Tooth Fairy Box without breaking the bank?

What does this come with?


How to Choose a Baby teeth Keepsake Container


ZIP file included:
1) Printable template box with funny tooth. Contains only the outline and drawing of the tooth. The box will be the color of the material from which you will print. File size 5,8*8,3 (A5). Assembled box size: 1,9*1,9*0,7″.
JPG – 300 DPI
PNG – 300 DPI
EPS – EPS10.
SVG – SVG Layered by color.

2) Teeth for separate printing on T-shirts, bags, pouch and so on.
PDF – size 3600*3600 px
JPG – size 3600*3600 px, 300 DPI.
PNG – size 3600*3600 px, 300 DPI.
EPS – EPS10.
SVG – SVG Layered by color.

Click here to find out how more. 

How To Clean Your Baby’s Teeth

Ideally, you would have to clean their tooth with soap and water, to remove any bacteria. This will protect the teeth.

The next step is to disinfect it, and it can be easily done with a piece of alcohol swap. Or put in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes.

Then, air dry it completely before placing it in the chosen containers.

Before I learned this, I skipped all three steps and just put it into a random box.

Now I have learned to do it the proper way.

Start Collecting Teeth Now

Is your child growing up too fast?

Start collecting their teeth as memories and these will have a place in your heart.

Whatever methods you wish to use to store these precious teeth, you and your children will remember the individual teeth stories throughout their lifetime.

What was your first tooth keepsake box like?

Let me know what methods you use to store your children’s teeth

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How to Choose a Baby Teeth Keepsake Container

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  1. What a great article with some very nice tips.

    Whilst a lot of people, will often keep their children’s teeth. Too many people I guess are simply storing them away in a shampoo container or something similar in a draw somewhere. Why not get a wonderful keepsake container and put them on display next to a baby photo etc.

    On a side not, last year we went to Madam Tussaud and had a wax mould done of our daughter’s hand. It is on prominent display on her dressing table and looks wonderful.

    • That is so pretty awesome, I’m sure your daughter is going to have fond memories whenever she sees that, when she grows. What a lovely way to document her growth!


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