AutoBrush Reviews- Is it Worth Your Money?

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AutoBrush Reviews – Is it Worth Your Money?

Have you seen those AutoBrush advertisements while browsing your Facebook or websites?

And you are wondering if it is worth to spend your money on getting a AutoBrush for yourself or your kids.

Here in this post I will share the different AutoBrush reviews for Adults and Children, why some love it and some dislike or do not recommend it at all.

At the end of the post, you can decide for yourself if you still want to go ahead and make the purchase of the AutoBrush.

AutoBrush Reviews


Product Overview

What is Autobrush?

AutoBrush is a U-shaped electric toothbrush that is shaped to fit your mouth. Unlike traditional electric toothbrush where the bristles will only contact one tooth a time, the AutoBrush is a set of silicone bristles that aim to contact all your teeth at the same time.

It looks like a denture without the teeth, where you can just bite into the mouthpiece. It is shaped like a mouthguard to fit whatever size of your mouth. The silicone material will be comfortable for your teeth to bite into it.


AutoBrush produces the most advanced electric toothbrushes and claims to be a full fledge oral care company. The company believes in giving back by donating to help children get a chance for better oral hygiene. The CEO, Chris Lanber donates a part of its companu proceeds to a ADA Foundation – Give Kids A Smile Programme in 2019.

The AutoBrush has been featured on TODAY Show and getting much publicity, and gathering thousands of testimonials from industry and everyday customers. It keeps on improving its electric toothbrush and the latest is the AutoBrush V3 version.


What Design Does AutoBrush Kids Come in?

The AutoBrush Kids Come in 4 Safari Animals

AutoBrush Reviews

1. Lenni the Lion

2. Harley the Hippo

3. Mattie the Monkey

4. Ziggy the Zebra

The names sound quite unisex, so it really boils down to which animal or which coiour your child likes.

For the adult AutoBrush, there are 4 colours, blue, white, black and pink.

Features and Benefits of the AutoBrush

AutoBrush Reviews

1. Employ ADA accepted Bass Toothbrushing technique

The Bass Brushing Method magnified simultaneously so that the circular jigging apply to all teeth instead of seqential brushing tooth by tooth. This means that you get the correct effective bass brushing technique at 25% of the time needed.

30 seconds is what it takes for the AutoBrush to do its job, so it saves time if you are busy and mornings are hectic as a mom.

Or if your toddlder just cannot stay there for 2 minutes while you work on his teeth.


2. Soft Silicone Bristles vs Nylon in Traditional Toothbrushes

The soft, silicone bristles on AutoBrush are not only effective in cleaning power but are safe for teeth and gums. It’s also easy to clean and making toothbrushing fun for your little one to brush their teeth!


3. Contour Fit to Your Mouth

This U -shaped toothbrush is designed by experts to mimic a human’s set of teeth so that you can feel comfortable biting into the mouthpiece.


4. Uses Denal grade LED

Dental grade LED will elminate bacteria, so that you need not be doubtful whether such a non-traditional toothbrush can clean effecticely and remove plaque.


5. Brush All teeth At once

Compared to a regular toothbrush, or a electric toothbrush, the AutoBrush brushes all the teeth at the same like a turbo machine. This cuts down the time to 30 seconds and saves you the effort of brushing tooth-by-tooth.



The AutoBrush for Kids start at $79, and there are various options, like bundle with AutoBrush Foaming Toothpaste (@$ 87onwards). 4 Instalments payment plan is available.

Place to Buy

Online at



Purchase of AutoBrush comes with 30 days limited warranty. There is optional one year additional insurance coverage that you may wish to purchase with Clyde Protection Plan.  It covers accidental damage of the charger and batteries not due to wear and tear.

Autobrush return policy

AutoBrush has a Return and Refund Policy for 30 days for unopened, unused goods. So if you open up and used, and do not like it, thay may reject it on the case of hygiene purpose. However, if product is defective, please email to

Is AutoBrush ADA approved?

No, it is not ADA appoved yet.

How Does AutoBrush work for Adult and Children?

There is a whitening mode and 3 vibration modes for cleaning in the AutoBrush. When you press on the buttons, it will go into the following modes.

Mode 1. Dental-Grade, LED Blue Light Only (for whitening only)

Mode 2 High-Frequency Vibration + Light (Very Strong)

Mode 3. Medium Frequency Vibration + Light (Medium Strength)

Mode 4 Low-Frequency Vibration + Light (Gentle)


Directions for Use

Step 1. Connect the AutoBrush Charger for the first initial 3 hours charging and set the AutoBrush Body to charge. There are 4 LED lights, and each light progresses until all 4 are lit up.

Step 2: Attach one Brush Head to the battery capsule. Pump a good amount of Liquid Foaming Toothpaste on the silicone bristles and insert it into your mouth. Bite down so that your teeth come into contact with the silicone bristles comfortably.

AutoBrush Reviews

Step 3. Firmly press the start button, which starts to brush all teeth and gums simultaneously.

Step 4: You can move the battery capsule from left to right or press the button again for multiple modes.

Step 5: Wait for your AutoBrush to finish at 30 seconds, then rinse and dry the AutoBrush brushead by pulling out from the Body.

You can buy additional AutoBrush heads for members of the family. AutoBtrush Replacement brush heads are also available and recommended to be replaced every 3 months.


Who is the AutoBrush Kids for?

For AutoBrush Kids, there are 2 sizes

  • 3-7 years old
  • 8+ years old

That means any child younger than 3 years old, may not be suitable to use the AutoBrush for Kids.

The AutoBrush for Kids has 3 modes

1. High-Frequency Vibration + Light + Song

2. High-Frequency Vibration + Light

3. Silent

The setup for AutoBrush is the same for the AutoBrush for Adults.

How Do I clean the AutoBrush?

After use, please detach the brush head from the AutoBrush Body and rinse under running water. The AutoBrush Body should not be fully submerged in water because it contains the battery, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe it and leave it in a cool place to air-dry.

When can you use Autobrush?

You can replace your day time brushing with AutoBrush and be out of the bathroom in double quick time, meaning you may get out of bed slightly later.

If you are concerned about whether it can really clean, then reserve it for night brushing.

How To Use the AutoBrush Teeth Whitening Kit

AutoBrush also has the whitening options and you can easily whiten your teeth at home.

Step 1  – Switch on the AutoBrush and turn to the first mode which is Dental LED, whitening mode.

Step 2 – Use the whitening syringe to inject Whitening gel onto the silicone mouthpiece or a separate whitening tray. Insert into mouth.

Step 3 – Press on the first button which has the blue LED light and wait for 10 minutes.

Step 4 – Rinse and dry the AutoBrush brush head or the whitening tray.

AutoBrush Reviews

Who Likes it?

1. Busy mummies who are up to their necks in chores, who do not want to add “Brushing Wars” to the daily tasks.

Children will be so motivated to want to play and brush their teeth, as they can dance around or watch TV while the AutoBrush does the brushing in 30 seconds.

2. Grandparents who want to dote on their grandchildren, and do not mind the high price tag so as to see happy faces on their grandchildren.

3. On a practical note, this toothbrush can really be a lifesaver in these situations

  • Kids limited in physical strength
  • Celebral Palsy Kids
  • Kids with smaller mouths where traditional toothbrush may hurt their gums

4. Working Adults

This is handy for after-work visits to the gyms, lunchtime freshening up and after work dinner dates, or last-minute meetings with important clients or bosses.

Who is against it?

When an invention is out of the norm, you can obviously get some comments about its shortfalls.

Some of the common comments have got to be

1. Does not clean properly

2. Plaque still remains, teeth still feel sticky and dull. When tested against plaque disclosure tablets, the AutoBrush was not able to remove the plaque effectively.

3. Breath does not feel fresh.


1. Cheaper than branded electric toothbrushes.

2. Soft Silicone bristles.

3. AutoBrush Body can be shared while each member of the family use their own brush head.



1. More pricey than a similar U-shaped electric toothbrush.

2. Not endorsed by most dentists.

3. Not a replacement for flossing and dental visits.


1. Can I use regular toothpaste with AutoBrush?

Can you use any toothpaste with AutoBrush? While it is recommended to use AutoBrush for Kids Fluoride-free Foaming Toothpaste, there is no issue if you use your own toothpaste. The AutoBrush Toothpaste comes in 2 flavors, bubblegum, and strawberry and they cost $10.


2. How often should I replace the brush heads?

Like in a normal toothbrush, you can replace every 3 months, by ordering from the AutoBrush Website.


3. Is Flossing still necessary after I use the AutoBrush?

AutoBrush Reviews

Yes, AutoBrush does not clean between the teeth surfaces, so if you want extra care, please go ahead and continue flossing after using the AutoBrush. The great thing, is that AutoBrush offers cool flossers too.

4. Can adults use Kids AutoBrush?

The Kids AutoBrush has only the red light while the AutoBrush has the blue light which is used when whitening. Also an adult has to purchase a separate brush head which is available as a separate option.


5. How Often do I have to recharge?

You can fully charge it on initial use, and each charge can last 3 hours, which can last weeks.


AutoBrush Amazon Reviews

In Amazon, Autobrush has received 2.5 stars out of 5 stars, so it definitely has its fair share of unhappy customers. AutoBrush complaints include

  • love the concept but design needs improvement
  • bristles don’t reach the gums
  • have a long time washing away own toothpaste
  • the brush did not charge at all
  • complaints about slow customer service and refund requests

But it also has a fair share of great comments

  • teeth look whiter and mouth feels fresh all the time
  • small and fit into bags for carrying around
  • rubbery taste but it will pass
  • light and easy to use


But I think the most heartwarming stories will be how AutoBrush helps with these customers.

1. “…great for my dad who struggles with brushing his teeth due to his disability. We have tried all kinds of toothbrushes electric and traditional brushes. Nothing worked for him as well as AutoBrush.

Before AutoBrush, I had to remind him to brush his teeth and help him and we never got a great cleaning. It was such a struggle!

It cleans his teeth really well and so much better than I could do on my own for him. No plaque! Yes, it is a lot of money, but I will gladly pay this over our last $580 dental bill!”

2. “….My sister needs special care and she gets tired easily but she is always up for brushing her teeth with AutoBrush! She’s been enjoying it and I help her a lot, checking her oral health is a priority because she hates going to the dentist but with AutoBrush, I can put my mind to rest since she makes sure herself that she brushes!!!”

3. “My child has a sensory processing disorder and, because of this, is sensitive to textures and flavors. We have spent a small fortune on several toothbrushes over the years, and none that he liked. This leads to sub-optimal oral hygiene, cavities, fillings, and finally, last week, he extracted a couple of premolars.

I can always brush my teeth for him to make sure everything is right, but I wanted to find a way to do it myself and have at least one tolerable experience.

But once he put it in his mouth, he was surprised by the dancing music and said it didn’t bother him. He even brushed another 30 seconds to show his father.”

And many more here.

Summing Up

The AutoBrush indeed is an innovative and smart invention that can certainly fit with the busy modern lifestyle.

It brushes using the Bass toothbrushing method in 30 seconds with music built-in for the AutoBrush for Kids, has soft silicone bristles, blue dental grade LED light for whitening effects and red light for decorative purposes.

Though it is a small toothbrush, it is power-packed to last for 3 hours after each charge.

Maintaining its cleanliness is easy and convenient and subscription options are available through the company.

So whether or not you should purchase depends on your own criteria

  • Quality of Cleaning. If you do not set extremely high standards in the cleanliness of your teeth, then you are able to accept that not every day your teeth must be in tip-top, then you definitely can accept the AutoBrush and its novelty.

  • Price. If you compare to well established branded electric toothbrush that has more gadgets and functions, the AutoBrush is a worthy investment for the functions that it gives – cleaning in quick time and whitening functions.

  • Bass toothbrushing technique endorsed By ADA. Hopefully using the ADA bass toothbrushing technique can give you confidence enough to make a purchase decision.

  • Support Charity Purpose. If you like a company that gives back to society and helping children of the world get better oral care, then you should support the company.

I hope this is a great review for you and help you in any way.

Let me know in the comments whether you will try out the AutoBrush and be sure to share with me your experiences.







Overall Quality



  • Help those challenged with Brushing
  • Fast
  • Has Whitening options


  • More pricey than manual toothbrushes
  • Still require flossing.
  • Does not remove plaque completely.

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