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Hello and Welcome to Mummy Bong Bong!

I am so happy that you land up here, among so many blogs out there! 

Share Oral Care Knowledge with You

This blog is about Oral Care because I really care about having Healthy Gums and Teeth for myself and my family so that we can spend less time and money at the dentist. 

I believe we all can absolutely keep plaque at bay without having to spend a ton of money. So here I share Effective Products and habits that hopefully will help you keep your teeth for life. 

I am no dentist nor expert, just a mummy who loves brushing her children’s teeth and leading by example in the choices that we made daily, from diet to simple oral care products.

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Here you will also find posts on preventing tooth decay to bad breath, and even teeth whitening


A little about me 


I have been an Army Officer (yes, I am only 1.5m tall but they accepted me right after university!) for 12 years before I quit my job to try and start my family. When that did not happen after rounds of IUI and IVF, I decided to adopt 2 boys and they are now 10 and 12 years old. 

My best times as a homemaker are seeing my kids grow from babies to toddlers to now teenagers. My days are filled with school runs (now I drive 160km daily) and household chores. 

For the past few years, my husband has been stationed in Abu Dhabi so he travelled back to Singapore every few months just to spend time with us at home. 

But since Nov 2019, we decided to move to Abu Dhabi so that my boys will have full access to Daddy daily!  


Share My Blogging Knowledge 

So since I moved to Abu Dhabi, I was inspired by a good friend to start a blog. Little did I know that learning about blogging and affiliate marketing has opened my door to daily learning.

Also, as I started this blog, I learned many blogging lessons and tips that I want to share with you.

I know the struggles and overwhelm when there are thousand and one gurus pushing their products in your face.

So here you will also find my sharing of things I have learned in my blogging journey.

Again, not an expert yet, just a little better than a complete newbie, so hoping to make blogging life and affiliate marketing a bit easier for you and to cheer you along!


Journey with Wealthy Affiliates

In Mar 2020, I started this blog at Wealthy Affiliates, and with the free training, this blog was set up quickly.

You don’t require any technical knowledge than knowing how to use a computer mouse. To date, I have written more than 100 000 words for this blog to share oral care research and recommend useful oral care products. Inside Wealthy Affiliates, there is a wonderful community of experts and friends who are willing to teach you as long you ask.

Now You too can start a website for Free as a Starter member with FREE training at Wealthy Affiliates.

Even if you have no intention to blog, it is still useful for valuable training about Internet Marketing.  

Learn more about how to set up your blog with free training and start your affiliate marketing journey here. Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliates.

If you have any questions about which toothbrushes to use or like to know more about blogging and affiliate marketing, please leave them below.

I love to hear from you, feel free to contact me anytime.

(This was taken in Georgia in Dec 2018. Crazily Cold, but enjoyed every minute of it!)

I know you will love all my sharings as you go through my website, so I invite you first to read about my favorite product that got me hooked to tooth brushing.

That product has led me to my latest hobby – Brushing my kids’ teeth every night!


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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Bee Lian, this site is definitely something I need. I just had to have two teeth extracted a few months back. Some gum infection ate up the bone that the teeth were on, such that there was not much support left. The teeth were healthy but alas, they just had nothing to keep them in place.

    It was a traumatic and very scary experience that I hope my kids never have to go through. I kept having gum issues for the past two years that would come and go, but no dentist investigated further than the usual cleaning.

    Will be following your site for information on children’s oral health. Looking forward!!

    • Dear Joo,

      Oh wow! Two teeth in a row! That sure is traumatic and I can only imagine the immense pain that you had to go through. Sometimes, when we had done our part like daily twice brushing, and flossing, but yet gum issues still trouble us. Hope that we can get to the root cause of such issues, and stem them at the source. I will be definitely working hard in my site!


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