15+ Fast Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies (Combing #1 and #14 work well together fast!)

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Are you having a toothache that is unbearable?

Causing you sleepless nights and enduring that dull nagging pain that just won’t go away?

If you are, here is the right place for you!

I have found these 15+ Fast Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies that could help you relieve that undesirable toothache pains.

Until it goes away or until you get to the dentist.


These toothache pain relief home remedies use common items from sea salt, ice, tea bags, honey, ginger to using acupressure points, and bio magnets to help relieve toothache and reduce inflammation.  

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Let’s dive right in.

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You may find that whatever toothache pain you are having, you can bite through it during the day.

But when night comes, it seems to magnify and almost unbearable.

Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies

Here are the reasons why.  

  • Blood rushes to head. When you lie down, blood will rush to the head and mouth. Increased blood circulation to your head will cause you to feel more pain.

  • Fewer distractions

During the day, you are bogged down by distractions and activities, so your toothache pain issues can afford to take a back seat.

When night comes, activities slow down, and then your body will start to pay attention to the toothache.

Pain is caused when the pulp which is the nerve ends are sensitive to pain. It can be throbbing or it can be a dull pain that gets you down.

Causes of Toothaches

  • Dental cavity. A cavity is commonly known as a hole in the teeth and could be caused by poor brushing and eating habits.

  • Inflammation of pulp. The pulp is the layer of nerves just under the hardest part of the enamel. Under the enamel will be the dentin which is yellowish, and then under it will be the pulp.

  • Enamel Wearing off. When you consume too many acids and sugars, bacteria in your mouth will react with these sugars and these acids will erode the hardest layer of your teeth. Over time, enamel weakens and wears off and has to take time to be remineralized. 

  • If you have Periodontal disease, your gums have become swollen and red and causing pain.

  • Grinding. Someone who grinds at night may wake up with stiff jaws. This contributes to some form of toothache.

  • Trauma. If you have met with a physical collision, your teeth may experience trauma.

  • Infection. Poorly cared for teeth can be easily infected.

  • Cracked or chipped tooth. This can happen when you have bitten something hard. You can also feel the crack and chip with your tongue or have someone check for you.

Seeing a dentist is the best way to find out the causes of the pain and get appropriate treatment.


How To Sleep When You Have a Bad Toothache?

If you are nursing a toothache until you can see your dentist, here are some tips to help you through the night.

Sleep Position

When you lie down on your head, blood will be flowing towards your head, and make your pains more unbearable.

5 Fast Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies

Use a pillow to prop your head up, almost to a sitting position.

Blood then will not be rushing to your head and you can have less pain. This will help you have better blood circulation.

It may be uncomfortable to sleep almost with the body upright, so you can hug a bolster or put some pillows to prop your knees-up as well.


Watch what you eat at Dinner

Have easy to digest meals, preferably meals without sugar and carbohydrates. This helps to lessen the acid attacks that can further harm an infected tooth.


Have an Over-The-Counter Pain Killer

Take a pain killer to help cope with the toothache so that you can at least get a good night sleep.


Brush Before You Sleep

Even though you feel pain and are tempted to skip brushing your teeth, it is very important to still keep the sore area clean as much as possible.

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and brush gently to remove food debris.


Why Use Home Remedies

Fear of going to the Dentist

You may be fearful of what kind of costs it will be, or you have a lack of dental insurance. Dental fees and treatments can be high and can be financially straining on the pockets.

You are worried that once you get on the dentist’s chair, you will be at the mercy of the dentist’s recommendation. You may have to go with what the dentist suggests without giving yourself enough time to consider other alternatives.


The long list of things to complete for the day can keep you from thinking seriously about your toothache problems. Once you can finish your work, you might have other overdue assignments or things to handle. So being busy can lead you to consider home remedies.

Securing a Dental Appointment can be months down the road.

Some dentists are very busy and to get a slot, it can take months.

If you need urgent dental service, it is likely to incur a higher cost. So you rather suffer and patiently wait for the dental appointment.

Belief in Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies have become popular because they are natural solutions without use of medications. Medications can sometimes have side effects that are not desirable especially if you are pregnant.


15 Home Remedies for Severe Toothache Pains

Here are the 15 Home Remedies on how to stop tooth pain fast.

Warm Solutions

1. Salt Water Rinse

To do this, you will need warm water and half a teaspoon of salt. Salt has disinfecting properties and help to reduce inflammation and clean up some food debris stuck in your teeth.

Warm water can also help minimize bacteria growth by cleaning out your mouth. So you can feel better.

Cooling Methods

2. Cold Compress

Take a painkiller. Baking Soda Besides using baking soda for cleaning purposes, whitening your teeth, you can also add this to reduce your toothache. Make a paste using a teaspoon of baking soda and apply it to the affected area. Honey Honey is a natural healer for wounds in and outside of the mouth. It can soothe your gums

This advice is non-invasive and safe.

Wrap a towel with some ice cubes. Do not apply cold ice straight to your face as this may shock your blood cells below your skin.

Apply the homemade ice pack to your cheek outside the toothache areas about 20 minutes at a time, and you can repeat a few times.

The cold compress helps to contract the blood cells.

Using a cold ice compress. If you have swelling due to infection, instead of applying heat, use cold compress. It will cause your swelling to contract your blood vessels around the tooth nerve.

Tea Bags

3. Peppermint tea bags

Another home remedy for tooth infection is if you drink Peppermint tea bags, you can keep the used peppermint tea bags in your freezer.

Then take it out and apply to the sore toothache.

4. Chamomile tea bags

Chamomile tea bags also work. Use it with hot water and then apply to affected teeth. 

Toothache pain Relief Home Remedies


Ingredients from the Kitchen

5. Ginger

Make a ginger paste by smashing a small piece of ginger. Ginger works well to reduce swelling and has many wonderful antibacterial properties.

6. Garlic

To soothe a tooth nerve, pound some garlic and chew on it. Add some salt for better experience. Or dab a cotton ball in garlic oil and apply it to the toothache area. 

7. Blueberries

I found an amazing website that actually lists this as an effective way to reduce toothache.

Mash some blueberries into a paste and apply it to the affected area.

8. Coconut Oil

Highly recommended as a routine dental habit, this ancient method can also be used to relieve pain from toothache.

Coconut Oil has lauric acid that is active to kill bacteria in the mouth so it is definitely beneficial to consider this method.

Just swish a teaspoon of coconut oil for about 20 minutes first thing in the morning.

You can occupy yourself by watching YouTube or Netflix episodes while letting the oil gather the harmful substances in your mouth.

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9. Olive Oil15 Fast Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies

Using virgin olive oil will also help to relieve some pain of your toothache. This has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce swelling.

Dab a cotton ball into a small bowl of olive oil and rub on your affected area.

10. Swish with Xylitol

Make your own xylitol swish by adding water to a teaspoon of xylitol.

Do it 3 times a day and each time for 20 minutes.

Xylitol starves the bacteria inside the mouth and destroys them. It also reduces plaque very effectively. 


11. Baking Soda

baking soda for toothache

Besides using baking soda for cleaning purposes, whitening your teeth, you can also add this to reduce your toothache. Make a paste using a teaspoon of baking soda and apply to the affected area.


12. Honey

Honey is a natural healer for wounds in and outside of the mouth.

It can soothe your gums because of its antibacterial and antiviral.

My husband takes a spoon of honey every morning and I have never heard him complain of any toothache!

Another way to use five teaspoons of honey is to combine with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Make a paste and rub it on the affected area. 

Do it two to three times a day until the pain subsides. 


13. Acupressure for toothache

In Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is believed that there are certain acupressure points where when you press on it, it can help relieve some pains of toothache.

Take a painkiller. Baking Soda Besides using baking soda for cleaning purposes, whitening your teeth, you can also add this to reduce your toothache. Make a paste using a teaspoon of baking soda and apply it to the affected area. Honey Honey is a natural healer for wounds in and outside of the mouth. It can soothe your gums

You can refer to this website in detail.







I found another resource that uses acupressure on your thumbnail, where you can pinpoint the corresponding toothache on the chart.




Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils can help you soothe your toothaches.

Choose those that you are comfortable with. Remember to follow the instructions on the bottle for diluting ratios.

14. Clove Oil

clove oil for toothache


Clove essential oil is a commonly used essential oil and has been seen in toothpaste, mouthwashes, and oral medication.

It contains analgesic properties (pain relieving), is strongly antimicrobial and antibacterial, a perfect combination for combating toothaches and other teeth related ailments.

When a drop is added to a tooth in pain, it will immediately dull the pain.


Just dab a cotton ball with a drop of clove oil and it should help you feel better. Clove oil contains an ingredient called eugenol that diminishes pain.

During normal days, just apply a drop of clove oil to your toothbrush and feel the tingle as it cleans your teeth.


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15. Oregano Oil

Use food-grade Oil of Oregano.

It is a natural antibiotic and does not clear the good flora. 

You can even make your own Oil of Oregano with oregano leaves. 




Otherwise, order your essential oils here



Oregano Oil for toothache



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BONUS (I will continue to add to this section as I find out more remedies, so bookmark and come back later.) 

Bonus #1

If Pain is still unbearable, Use Magnetic Therapy.





BiomagScience Wellness Kit

Just by using the Bio magnets, testimonials of toothaches disappear.



Biomagnet for toothache


How do you use these biomagnets?


How to use magnet for tooth pain




Simply use 2 pieces of the “Power Wafer” which is the smallest size of the magnets.


Step 1 : Place the green side on the cheek where the toothache is.

Step 2 : Put a band aid to secure the magnet.


Step 3 : Place the second piece of magnet, green on the cheek side.


Step 4 : Leave it until pain subsides. 




Toothache pain Relief Home Remedies


They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Bonus #2

Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and has been known to destroy germs that are causing the pain. 

Just 2-3 drops and rubbing on affected gums will be able to give you some relief. Also use with a cup of water to gargle a few times a day. 

(Source: drbrite.com)

Bonus #3

Take echinacea tablets four times a day for three days. In Native American cultures, Echinacea was and is known as the “toothache plant.”

If you do not have access to the root, take capsules, and make a paste. Then apply to affected areas. 

How You Can Prevent Toothache from happening

The best prevention of having a toothache is better oral hygiene. This includes

Daily toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste

The first thing we learned when we have our first teeth is to brush with a fluoride toothpaste.

We may have been doing day in and night out, sometimes so unconsciously.

So always take a check on your toothbrushing habits like whether you are using a soft-bristle, using what type of strength (gentle, not brutal) when brushing and the quality of your toothpaste.

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Daily flossing with proper techniques5 Fast Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies

Flossing is very important as it helps to remove plaque stuck between the teeth surfaces.

The best frequency is once a day though it can be fine to do it 3 times per week.

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Using A Mouthwash occasionally

It is not a necessity to have a mouthwash for daily use but if you have an occasion like toothache or a quick need of fresh breath, it is a useful consideration.

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Have a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. That includes a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar snacks and treats in between meals.

A regular visit to Dentist


I explained these in details in these posts:

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The 4 Pillars of Dental Health


Summing Up Toothache Home Remedies

Now you have in your hands these handy tips to resolve toothache so that you are ready to handle them when they occur. 

The common ingredients that you already have in your kitchen would include

  • sea salt
  • baking soda
  • honey
  • ginger 
  • garlic
  • ice
  • blueberries 

whereas those that you may need to make a purchase so that you will be ready when the need arises:

  • peppermint tea bags
  • chamomile tea bags
  • clove oil
  • oregano oil
  • Bioscience magnets 

    Having a toothache is a not so pleasant experience that you should try to avoid at all costs.



So have you tried any of the methods above?

Let me know if any works for you, or if you have alternative ones. I love to hear from you! 




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15+ Fast Toothache Pain Relief Home Remedies (Combing #1 and #14 work well together fast!)


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